2022-03 Rachel Jefferies March Mixed Media Challenge***Closed***WINNER ANNOUNCED!!!!

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Hi everyone. It's Esther and I'm one of Rachel's creative team members. Each month I will be bringing you a Mixed Media Challenge. If you are new to mixed media, this is a fantastic way to dip your toe, explore and push your creative boundaries. For those you who are die hard mixed media fans, welcome to mixed media paradise!

For March, our challenge will be to create a Rachel Designer Mash Up:
  • at least 50% of your layout should consist of Rachel's Designs that are currently available in her Oscraps Shop and the remaining should be from Designer here at Oscraps, (example: if your layout has 10 layers, then at least 5 layers has to be Rachel's Designs and the other remaining layers from a Designer of your choice from Oscraps).
  • it is preferred that the layout is created with as close to a 50/50 designer split as possible but there is room to change the dynamics of the split a little as long as at least half of the layout is using Rachel’s Designs that are currently available here at Oscraps
  • for the layout to be eligible for the coupon drawing, listing the total number of elements/papers used from each designer is required (ex: Rachel Jefferies Designs: 1 paper, 3 flowers, 2 stamps, etc; Scrap Designer of your Choice: 2 blended papers and 2 leaves, 1 ribbon, 1 word strip, etc)
  • Use of a template is acceptable, if the template includes a paper or embellishments (such as threads, stitches, stamps etc.) please note these will need to be included when counting your layers for the relevant designer.

While I would prefer that collabs aren't used for this challenge, I do understand that Rachel's Designs may be new to many so for this March challenge, any of Rachel's collabs that are available here at Oscraps will be accepted.

Here are a some sample layouts for inspiration:

Here's one of my sample layouts using Rachel's I'm Somewhere in Between Collection paired up with Manu Design Studio : Heart of Lion Page Kit

Layout consists of:
Rachel Jefferies Designs: 2 word strips, 3 flowers, 3 paper pieces, 2 stamps, 1 ribbon, 2 leaves, 2 twigs, 2 filmstrip, 1 rafia, 2 frames, 1 messy thread
Manu Design Studio: 2 buttons, 1 car, 1 clip, 1 man, 1 word strip, 1 stamp, 1 blank tab (that I then put my text on), 2 gears, 1 string, 1 chickenwire, 1 key, 3 frames, 1 ruler, 1 cardboard piece, 1 overlay, 1 splatter, 1 background paper

Here's another layout I completed, using Rachel's Give Yourself Permission Collection paired up with Vicki Stegall Designs: Magic in the Mess Collection

Layout consists of:
Rachel Jefferies Designs: 1 button, 2 leaves, 1 flower, 4 paper pieces, 3 sequin clusters, 3 word art/ journal prompts, 1 ribbon, 1 messy thread, 1 stamp, 1 paper blended into background
Vicki Stegall Designs:1 flower, 3 ribbon, 3 branches, 3 charms 3 bling flowers, 1 word art, 3 filmstrip frames, 1 background paper

Some examples from the Team:
From @AJM--Using Rachel's Heathland Collection & Vicki Stegall Designs: Lucky & Blessed Collection

From @ArmyGrl--Using Rachel's Heathland Collection & Jopke: Self Belief Collection

From @Roxana --Using Rachel's Stay Close Collection & Vicki Robinson: Artful Expressions 02

From @Dady --Using Rachel's I'm Somewhere In Between Collection & Jopke: Courage Collection

Challenge Requirements:

* Create a new scrapbook layout using at least 50% of Rachel's Designs currently available in her Oscraps Shop and one other Oscraps Designer's Designs.
* Upload your layout to the Rachel Jefferies Designs Gallery at Oscraps and list the designs used in your credits.
* For your challenge entry to be counted, you MUST upload your finished layout to this thread and include the total number of elements/papers used for each designer. Please link your thread to your gallery image as it helps us leave love on your layout (and, validate your project).
* No double-dipping…your layout must be used for this challenge only, no others.
* This challenge will remain open until April 8, 2022

lucky random winners will receive a $8.00 coupon for Rachel's Shop here at Oscraps!

If you have any questions just tag me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to seeing your layouts!
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Thank you Ester for this challenge !
I used 26 layers
For RJ = 13
1 bg paper blended
2 messy thread
1 leaf
3 stamps
1 jp rompt
1 paper piece
4 flowers
For JOD = 13
2 overlays
1 splash
2 masks
1 splatter
1 WA
2 butterflys
1 brush
1 ribbon
1 floral
1 heart



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Rachel Jefferies - 11
1 bg paper (blended)
1 paper blended into the notebook
2 heart sprinkles
2 cards
1 label
1 staple
2 flowers
1 leaf
Vicki Robinson - 11
1 bg paper (blended)
1 notebook
1 paper blended into the photo
2 plain stamps
1 ticket
1 black paint splash
2 stamps
1 label
1 metal accent


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I LOVE designer mash-ups and look forward to more!

Rachel - 15 items
-flower (2)
-flower (3)
-flower (3)

Jopke - 12 items
-flower (2)
-journal card
-blended overlay
-blended texture
-scribble line


I love the O!
Thank you for the challenge Esther - I have 14 layers

Vicki Stegall Designs (7)
- background paper (blended)
- graffiti paint
- confetti
- paper tear
- frame
- staple
- thread

Rachel Jefferies (7)
- background paper (blended)
- filmstrip
- paper piece
- raffia
- flower
- stitch
- prompt


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One from me:

Using Rachel's pieces from t is for together along with Jopke's products from The Rooster. 22 layers:

Rachel Jefferies
1 paper
1 brush/stamp
1 fabric scrap
1 paper piece
1 word art
1 ribbon
1 dried foliage
2 flowers
1 heart brad
1 tape
11 total

1 papers
1 paint transfer
1 scribble
1 leaf brush
1 frame
1 rooster card
1 rooster
1 word art
1 flower
1 butterfly
1 staple
11 total


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What a fun challenge!
Serendipity Complete Mixed Media Coll. by Rachel Jefferies
2.background paper
3.flower 4
4.flower 5
5.foliage 5
Beach Adventure by et designs
1.flower 3
2.word art
3.brush 3
4.brush 5


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What a fun challenge.
Rachel Jefferies Anisoptera Mixed Media Collection (12)
1 paper
1 thread
1 thread 07
1 tape 02
1 thread 02
1 thread 08
1 stamp 02
1 branch
1 frame
1 flower 02
1 journal prompts 14
1 journal prompts 13

Palvinka Imagine The Impossible (12)
1 thread b
1 wa strip
1 flower 5
1 wa strip 3
1 branch
1 wa strip 2
1 branch (2)
1 brush 3
1 doilie
1 script
1 splatters
1 branch (3)



I solemnly swear I am up to no good!
Here's mine:

Rachel Jefferies:
tiny red flower
clay flower
string 2 times
paint background behind picture
white paper rose
red flower
black flower
dried foliage
grid stamps

Vickie Robinsons:
Butterfly 3 times
washi tape
rust paper flower
words and star background

Rachel Jefferies

Wow these are gorgeous!! I'll be leaving comments in the gallery this evening. This challenge closes on April 8th, still time to take part!


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Last minute! Great challenge - this was fun. Love mixing designers! Here's my layout, mixing Rachel & Anna Aspnes.

Full credits in the gallery, but here are layer count:

RJ - 15 layers:
1 background paper
2 paint strokes
1 heart doodle
1 flower stamp
1 set of paper circles
1 paper piece
1 word art
1 foliage
1 button
3 flowers
1 stitched paper strip
1 stitches

AA - 15 layers:
1 background paper
3 paint/art strokes
4 transfers
1 ruler
1 frame
2 newspaper strips
1 bow
1 twig
1 wordart


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@caapmun & @pachimac are the lucky winner's for Rachel's March Mixed Media Challenge. Congrats! Check your PM with the coupon and details.

Can't wait to see everyone for the April Mixed Media Challenge. It is live in the forum now!!!
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