1. Don't Forget This Moment

    Don't Forget This Moment

    Created For The May 27th 2022 : Fab Friday Color Play : Forget Me Not : Natali Designs
  2. Wine Much?

    Wine Much?

    Created For The May 27th 2022 : Fab Friday Color Play : With Artful Expressions 05 By Vicki Robinson Such A Fun! Collection...I think it may have hit a few nerves here...[myself included]...LOL!!!..The WA is Spectacular!!!!!!!...I seem to say some of these things on a daily/weekly...
  3. Kitchen Click

    Kitchen Click

    A simple layout with one of my all-time favorite subjects; Macro Monochrome Photography. These are two of my favorite photos I shot for a Flickr project. The large photo is a spoon resting on a cookbook. The smaller photo is a simple whisk. Both shot in natural light, with the Lensbaby Velvet 56...
  4. Keep close to nature . . .

    Keep close to nature . . .

    Keep close to nature . . .
  5. When you share a cupcake . . .  ♥

    When you share a cupcake . . . ♥

    When you share a cupcake, you share love. ♥ Font – My boyfriend’s handwriting (not my boyfriend, that’s the actual name of the font.)
  6. w.jpg


    thank you for the challenge
  7. Downtown


    Created for: May 2022 Challenge #2 – Color Palette Journaling: Some of the lyrics to one of my all-time favorite songs: Downtown When you've got worries, all the noise and the hurry Seems to help, I know Downtown Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city Linger on the sidewalk where...
  8. Strength In Positivity

    Strength In Positivity

    Created For The May 2022 : Rachel Jefferies : Color Play Challenge Another Fab! Collection Rachel!!!...I really loved the WA included here in this collection...The soft....yet strength around the edges...watercolor feminine pinks...and the "strong" message it portrayed for me...It inspired this...
  9. Squeeze


    When life gives you lemons . . .
  10. Make a Wish . . .

    Make a Wish . . .

    The dandelions are really prolific this year and it inspired me to create a dandelion page. ♥
  11. Boys-R-Us.jpg


    My boys in 2000 and again when each is about 17 - they are 5/12 years apart - so about 2010 for the eldest on the left and about 2016 for the youngest. They have many interests in common but are polar opposites in temperament and life goals. The border is intended to represent the journey from...
  12. Whoooo!


    When I saw Lynn's new kit, and cute little owl, I knew I had to scrap with it right away! ♥
  13. original


  14. Believe In Hope

    Believe In Hope

    Created With The New! Spring In The Garden Collection By Palvinka Designs : https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Spring-In-The-Garden-Collection.html
  15. Rise Above

    Rise Above

    I created the background using three papers from the Summer Camp kit and three from the Rise Collection. You can find instruction for creating the background using brushes and layers masks in the creative technique challenge.
  16. Bright Positivity

    Bright Positivity

    Created For Challenge #5 : Creative Technique : Blending Multiple Papers To Create A Background Great! Challenge! Ona!...Awesome Layouts!...I'm sure most of you all know by now [or anyone who has ever visited my gallery...]...that blending is my favorite thing to do!...And It is always the back...
  17. Charming Adventures

    Charming Adventures

    Created for the AnnaColor Challenge 5-13-22 - 5-26-22 Photo: Pixabay, processed with various mobile app on my iPad
  18. This Is All I Need

    This Is All I Need

    I shot the photos last spring at my son's home. ♥
  19. You are my Everything . . . ♥

    You are my Everything . . . ♥

  20. Challenge-#4-Victory.jpg


    My son, top right and two of his three besties at the Festival of Champions. They took the Grand Master's trophy to win the Championship by a landslide. Jason was one of the two drum majors. His other best friend, Katie, was his co-drum major. I wonder why she wasn't in this photo? This is...