#anna aspnes designs

  1. Spectacular Place

    Spectacular Place

    Started with a solid paper and added a transfer. Next I added the artsyTransfer No3 and 3 pieces of word and art blended on this layers. Then I added a tree brush on the right side and blended my photo with a mask from the collection. My word art was next as well as my cluster. Added a few...
  2. anna-aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-autumn-rust-pam-1-.jpg


    For Color Challenge process: solid paper was chosen, image clipped to FotoBlendz overlay that was inverted in color, the background was built up with transfers, paper textures, splatters and stains. I added several multimedia elements, used blending modes and shadows on some elements. I placed...
  3. Love This

    Love This

    The process… started with a white plain paper and added four artsy transfer to build my background. Next, I added the paper texture and I was already loving it. Blended my photo with a non-destructive layer and added a transfer on the right. I always love to blend a few pieces of word art in my...
  4. Togetherness


    The process…started with solid paper and added two artsyTransfers. Next, I used three pieces of word art that I blended in the background. I picked a mask form the collection and clipped my photo. At this point it was easy to see where to place my word art and cluster. For my cluster I used the...
  5. Love Story

    Love Story

    Started with the FotoInspired Template 3E No1. I used the ArtsyKardz Enigma and clipped my favorite one´s to the template masks. Next step was to use a few photos on those stunning frames, I adjusted the brightness levels for a more perfect match. My cluster was next, I used two of the...
  6. Live


    Started this layout with the solid paper no.4, and used the artsytransfers no.1, 3, 4 and 5 to build my background. I used transfer no.8 too. Then I used the paper textures to contain the transfers setting place for my photos. The photos have been treated with several smart filters. I used...
  7. monochrome


    Realized with : "I Lurrre Grunge !" & "Floral Grunge 13" by JoyfulHeart and "APP Forester" by AASPN and "Do It For You" by Rachel Jefferies and "Kindred Spirit" & "Forever This" by Vicki Stegall
  8. Mood Board Chall #3

    Mood Board Chall #3

    I used... 2 - the butterfly 4 - rain, umbrella, colorful colors 7 - drink 8 - dog 9 - bird
  9. Enamored


    The process ... started with a solid paper a added a transfer on the left side of the paper. Picked a brush from the APP Smooch and blended my photo. Next, I had a lot of fun playing with the word art, mixed a lot of elements on this. Finish my layout with beautiful overlays. Thanks for looking!
  10. The One

    The One

    Started with an artsy paper and added more element , specially on the sides (text, brushes, etc). A few overlays came next, setting place for my cluster. It was time to had my photo and place the word art. Thanks for looking!!
  11. Meant to Be

    Meant to Be

    The process ... started this with a solid paper and played a bit with it by adding transfers, textures, word art text and a statue, all from the collection. My photo came next, on top of the paper texture, blended with one of the provided masks. My cluster almost found is place by itself...
  12. Going Strong

    Going Strong

    Started with a solid paper a couple of transfers and a overlay. My photo was next and I used a mask form the collection. I was time to add the word art, all from the word art provided and my own journaling. My cluster is from the multimedia set with a an element from the collection. Thanks for...
  13. Unlock the Joy

    Unlock the Joy

    Started my layout with an artsy paper and added 4 paper textures, such a cool effect!!! My photo came next, clipped several times to the new artsy blendz. My cluster is for the multimedia pack with two elements from the APP. Next step was the word art, word art pack and a label from the APP. To...
  14. Total White

    Total White

    The process ... started with a solid paper and add it a few transfers form the ArtPlay Palette, a word transfer and some strokes. And that´s my background. Next I placed my photo using two different artsy blendz and another copy on top blended with a non destructive layer. I also used one more...
  15. Anna Aspnes Colour Challenge - Chilly Sunrise

    Anna Aspnes Colour Challenge - Chilly Sunrise

    For the Anna Color Challenge - You can find it here The view from my window changes every day and no matter what time of the year it always surprises me as to how beautiful it is. I used Anna Aspnes Designs ArtPlay Palette Lavaliere and Artsy Transfers Lavaliere
  16. Only real love

    Only real love

    Created with : "WILD app" by Anna Aspnes & "Artsy Stash One" by Joyful Heart and a mask by DayDream in her kit "Shadows of the Past". Picture Pixabay - My own WA Realized to participate at the ANNA's color's challenge
  17. Dare


    The process … started with a solid paper and added transfer no.4, the yellow paint overlay, a word transfer (duplicated), an art stroke, a splatter and a brush. My background was finished. Nest I placed my photo and the word art. For the word art I used a quote from Chance WordART No 1, two...
  18. Fab


    Made for the AnnaColor Challenge. Stated with a black solid paper and added an artsy transfer. I used an artsy paper on the right side of my background and blended it. Next I placed my big photo and the tiny moon that I mixed in the transfer layers. Last step was my word art. Thanks for looking!
  19. Genuine


    My stating point was a solid paper and two artsy transfers. Then, I added my photo, in several layer, the top one with a photo treatment. The word art came next and I felt the need to change the label color, a bit. Added overlays, I love to do this, and placed a a tiny, tiny cluster of elements...
  20. Under the Tree

    Under the Tree

    Started with a solid paper and two artsytransfers that I mixed, creating a big transfer. I added two pieces of word art to my background and some strokes to the transfer. Next, I pick one of this amazing frames, clipped my photo and made an extraction of it (this took me hours!!). It was time to...