#anna aspnes designs

  1. This is Us

    This is Us

    I have started my layout with a solid paper and a brush. Picked a transfer form the collection and add it to my paper. To complete my background I used a few transfers/overlays and change the color to better fit in my layout. Next step was to add my photo with a mask from the MonthReview...
  2. AnnaColor - Life is Short

    AnnaColor - Life is Short

    Starting with a solid paper from Noble collection. I picked a transfer form the Able collection and another from the Noble collection and set them on place leaving room for my image. I added my image and a selection of textures and splatters. I finished my layout by placing a cluster from the...
  3. Everyday Moments

    Everyday Moments

    The process ... I started my layout by building my background with an artsy paper, some splatters and stains. Then I placed my title and a cluster. This cluster is a mix of two from the collection. Last step was adding my photo using a mask from the MonthReview Template Album No 7 to blend it...
  4. This is Swell

    This is Swell

    Started with my paper and applied two different artsy transfers. Blended my photo using a mask from the collection and added a few extra textures to it. Placed my wordart and build a tiny cluster with elements from the collection and brushes. Thanks for looking!!
  5. January Challenge 3

    January Challenge 3

    My youngest daughter and grandson, deep in conversation. I thought the One Word Prompt was perfect for this photograph. Credits: Palvinka Book of Memories; Anna Aspnes Stitchez Frames.
  6. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-neige-chickadee


    ArtPlay Neige Collection (on sale for a limited time as a collection) ArtPlay Palette Neige (artsy paper 2, button brown, lace1, lace2, overlay2, paper folded, transfers 1-3, branch) See WordART No 1 (wordart 15) Button Threadz No 1 (threadz 4) Created new document 12x12” Positioned artsy...
  7. In This Moment

    In This Moment

    Step 1 - Placed an artsy paper and pieces of wordart Step 2 - Used a mask to set my photo, turned it in to B&W and duplicated it for more intensity. Add some snow on the photo Step 3 - Added textures to the background Step 4 - Placed my wordart and added a few strips Step 5 - Used strokes and...
  8. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-twinkle-ornament


    ArtPlay Twinkle Collection (new release on sale for a limited time as a collection) ArtPlay Palette Twinkle (12x12 Merry Christmas Script) Twinkle Artsy Layered Template Holiday WordART Clusters No 2 (cluster 1) Multimedia Holiday No 8 (element 1) Snow Fotoblendz No 2 (mask 3) Created new...
  9. Just Perfect!!

    Just Perfect!!

    I used the solid paper no.5 for the background and mixed the artsy transfer no.1 and no.4 for set a place for my photo. Nest step was adding my photo and blended it with the other elements. Finished my layout by adding a cluster and the word art. Thank for looking!
  10. Humble Places

    Humble Places

    Created for the AnnaColor Challenge 12.30.2022 – 01.12.2023 Journaling reads: Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places, where other people see nothing. -Camille Pissarro
  11. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-joyeux-WinterCardinal2


    ArtPlay Joyeux Collection (on sale for a limited time as a collection) ArtPlay Palette Joyeux (Artsy Layered Template 260) Holiday WordART Mix No 7 (WABringTheMagic) Multimedia Holiday No 4 (element 1) Watercolor Trees No 3 (trees 6 & 7) WaterColor Fotoblendz No 8 (mask 1) Snowflake Presets No 1...
  12. Christmas Magic

    Christmas Magic

    The process ... I used two different paper and erased part of one. Used two different transfers to give it another look. I used bit of the artsy transfers no.1 and 2 to set my background and make place for my photo.. The photo was set between the transfer layers. At this point I placed some...
  13. AnnaColor: Christmas Lights Sparkle

    AnnaColor: Christmas Lights Sparkle

  14. Fa La La

    Fa La La

    The process … Step 1- Solid paper no.2 Step 2- Played with artsy transfers 1, 2, 3 and 5 to build my background and set place for my photo Step 3- Added my photo, used a transfer to mask it and used an extraction too Step 4- Santa´s image placed as well as the stars Step 5- Word art and cluster...
  15. Deck the Walls

    Deck the Walls

    The process ... I used a solid paper for the background and two artsy transfers to set place for my photo (usually I don´t use all the layers in the transfers). I used a mask from the collection and blended my photo. Added a small cluster and the word art. The last step was to play with brushes...
  16. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-mistletoe-WhoBelongstothisHorse


    ArtPlay Mistletoe Collection (on sale for a limited time as a collection) ArtPlay Palette Mistletoe (solid paper 2, edge overlays 1 & 3, transfer 3, bird, glitter leaf) Multimedia Branches No 12 (element 3) Numbered Overlays No 1 (overlay 2) Sparkle Edge Overlays No 1 (overlay 6) Wild Grass No 1...
  17. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-mistletoe-NeighbourhoodWoodpecker


    ArtPlay Mistletoe Collection (on sale for a limited time as a collection) ArtPlay Palette Mistletoe (artstroke1, cone, brushes 10&14 on layer mask) Holiday WordART Mix No 10 (WA just believe, WT Green) Artsy Transfers Mistletoe (transfers 1 & 3) Multimedia Branches No 12 (element 3) Created...
  18. O Christmas Tree

    O Christmas Tree

    Created for The AnnaColor Challenge ALL THAT SPARKLES 12-16-22 - 12-29-22 Journaling: O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree Such pleasure do you bring me O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree You'll ever be unchanging A symbol of goodwill and love You'll ever be unchanging Each shining light, each...
  19. Believe in the Magic

    Believe in the Magic

    Started my layout by placing a solid paper from the collection. I picked up two transfers to set place for my photo. Next step was to blend my photo using a non destructive layer for that. I added my title and a cluster from the collection. To finish my layout I played with brushes and overlays...
  20. Let it Snow 2

    Let it Snow 2

    I've been MIA for a while and forgot I named my last layout Let it Snow, so this one will have to be, Let it Snow 2. We are expecting snow soon, and I sure hope my layouts aren't misinterpreted as wishes, and bring more snow than expected!! :)