1. "Christmas Hug"

    "Christmas Hug"

    NEW collection "Christmas Hug" by Palvinka Designs
  2. Merry Family & Friends

    Merry Family & Friends

    I Created This Post About Oscraps 12 Days Of December : Posted It To My FB Page & All Over : Created For The New! Oscraps : 12 DAYS OF DECEMBER : Come Over Each Day To The Oscraps Blog Starting On December 3rd For 12 Days & Pick Up The New! Daily Pieces!...& At The End You Will Have This...
  3. Christmas


  4. Believe


  5. Fun Time in the sun!

    Fun Time in the sun!

  6. Carol, Mom, and Me, 1959

    Carol, Mom, and Me, 1959

    November 2021 - Challenge #6 - White Space (about family)
  7. BE She's Got Grit

    BE She's Got Grit

    November Fab Friday Layout
  8. Going Bananas Reesa & Uncle Rick 2018.jpg

    Going Bananas Reesa & Uncle Rick 2018.jpg

    Reesa and Uncle Rick had a fun day. Then there was snack time with their super bananas.
  9. challenge 7

    challenge 7

    For the wordart challenge by Sharon My lovely kids i used the carte postale by regina falango thanks for looking !
  10. This Is us

    This Is us

    For November 2021 Challenge #7 - Word Art using: Zen and the Art of: Flying Machines by Maya de Groot The Sketch 29 by Kitty Designs
  11. Family


    My daughter, son in law and grandson at different times throughout the year.
  12. Shelter For The Fall

    Shelter For The Fall

    Shelter for the fall (collection) by Simplette https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Shelter-for-the-fall-collection-by-Simplette-Oscraps.html
  13. Dreaming...


    Vicki's challenge and the idea of hiding private journaling in plain sight inspired me to create this page. Vicki offers a number of ideas of how to include journaling we don't want others to read on pages would would like to share with the world. I love notebook layouts so I decided to hide...
  14. nos parents 14 08 2021 copie.jpg

    nos parents 14 08 2021 copie.jpg

    AASPN_FramedMasks9_4 copie AASPN_FotoBlendzOverlays 4_1 AASPN_ArtPlayHeart
  15. Family Matters

    Family Matters

    Created for the November 2021 : Challenge #6 : White Space "Family" Layout : I Love! White Space layouts!...I dabble on creating them from time to time despite the fact that it is not my usual style!...But I think it's good to try new/different things! in scrapping!...I'm always looking for new...
  16. Challenge #7 - Word Art: Family

    Challenge #7 - Word Art: Family

    Woah! We'd never heard of step-grandparents, and never imagined children in our lives at our age, even though Kate had wanted to be a mommy since she was two. I was happy for her that her lifelong dream was coming true. She could focus beyond siezures & headaches.
  17. Savor This Moment

    Savor This Moment

    Credits: =209']Karen Schulz Designs' Bushel Of Blessings Collection with Linda Cumberland Background by Me A photo of our dgd at the Pumpkin Patch
  18. on joue tous les deux copie.jpg

    on joue tous les deux copie.jpg

  19. My Grandparents

    My Grandparents

    I wish I knew when and where this picture of my grandparents was taken. I only know it was before my time.
  20. Anderson Overlook

    Anderson Overlook

    After the long drive to Santa Fe, we wanted an easy morning and headed to Anderson Overlook, a half hour from The Lodge. The morning was so hazy we had stowed our cameras when the sun surprised us and popped out. After more than twenty years, this trip brought back a lot of memories.