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  1. No No Limits

    No No Limits

  2. This Is All I Need

    This Is All I Need

    I shot the photos last spring at my son's home. ♥
  3. Pray For Peace

    Pray For Peace

    Created For The May 2022 : Color Palette Challenge : Blue/Yellow/Green : https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-2-color-palette.35473/post-626132 ***The most Wonderful! color palette!...Such powerful! & impactful! colors!...I knew exactly what kind of layout I was gonna...
  4. Challenge #2 {Beautiful}

    Challenge #2 {Beautiful}

    I blended 3 papers to get the background paper I wanted. I used AFT Opulent Blush Mini Kit, some elements from Vicki Stegall Spring and a frame from Lynn Grieveson's Architectural Frames. I bumped up the color on the yellow flowers to make them a little brighter.
  5. Challenge #3 52 Inspirations

    Challenge #3 52 Inspirations

    The little kitties that I was so worried about are thriving. Emeto Collage Clustered Frames: Digital Scrapbooking Collage It Clustered Frames for 52 Inspirations 2022 by emeto designs @ Oscraps.com | Oscraps Mediterranka Easter Edition: Digital Scrapbook Kit and Template | Reverdie Easter...
  6. Go Together

    Go Together

  7. Nature's Secret

    Nature's Secret

    Momma O [Vicki Stegalls] May 2022 Challenge
  8. Lilach Oren pocket template 08 (Happy Days)

    Lilach Oren pocket template 08 (Happy Days)

    Layout using 8.5x11 PocketLife08 Template with spaces and stitches overlay: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-bundle-02-pocket-life-templates-lilach-oren.html Day In The Life Word Art...
  9. Lilach Oren Pocket Template 08 (This is Life)

    Lilach Oren Pocket Template 08 (This is Life)

    Lilach Oren PocketLife08 - 12x12 (No Spaces) Stitches Overlay used: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-bundle-02-pocket-life-templates-lilach-oren.html Vicki Stegall Magic In The Mess Elements...
  10. Mama Said . . .

    Mama Said . . .

    Recently, during a very frustrating day, the lyrics to an old Shirelle’s song kept going through my head – Mama Said.
  11. Challenge-3-Quote-It-lgrieveson_herenow_tp-1.jpg


    Audrey Hepburn is one of my very favorites ever, so I had to use her quote. It's also one of my favorites, too. I don't often scrap pictures of my son, who passed away in 1991 but this silly picture of him was SO perfect for this quote. It's still too painful for me to scrap his pictures. He...
  12. It is spring again . . .

    It is spring again . . .

    Created for the Momma O (Vicki Stegall) April 2022 Challenge Quote: It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. ― Rainer Maria Rilke
  13. Sea Horse

    Sea Horse

    I loved this sea horse when I saw it in the shop! I made waves by blending and masking a lot papers from Vicki Stegall and did the displace filter to get those waves. I made my displace map from a striped pattern I made myself (and thanks to Deke McClelland) I also did a swirl filte.
  14. Beauty


    For Challenge #4 – Artsy/Mixed Media – April 2022
  15. To Be Kind . . .

    To Be Kind . . .

    Challenge #2 – Mood Board – April 2022 I love creating composite scenes, especially using the excellent graphics of our talented designers here at the O! Journaling reads: If you stop to be kind, you must swerve often from your path. – Mary Webb
  16. VickiStegall-LetsPlay-16-template-1.jpg


    Let's Play With Templates No 16 by Vicki Stegall Colorplay 50% picture by me thanks for looking
  17. Faith, Hope, Love

    Faith, Hope, Love

    I have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) so I can't do "real" mixed media journaling due to some of the chemicals involved. So, I enjoy so much expressing myself digitally. I just love the Book Background Papers by Vicki Robinson. They make me feel like I'm "really" journaling. ♥
  18. Simply Adorable

    Simply Adorable

    I love sneakers with polka dots! ♥ I also love creating negative space layouts with the colors red and black.
  19. magic


  20. documented