1. B is for Boy

    B is for Boy

  2. Wonderful You

    Wonderful You

  3. Best side

    Best side

  4. Grand pere et petit fils

    Grand pere et petit fils

  5. digital-scrapbooking-super-duper-hero-connection-keeping-by-kelly-01-gallery.jpg


    This was some photos from the photoshoot for my son's superhero birthday party. It was so much fun.
  6. Hansel


    Made using foxeysquirrel’s One-zee-17 and Magic Trick Kits
  7. Interlude


    Made using foxeysquirrel’s One-zee-17 and Magic Trick Kits
  8. Fanar


    Made using foxeysquirrel’s one-zee 14 and 15 minikits.
  9. DAY 4: Winter Memories

    DAY 4: Winter Memories

  10. DAY 1: Shape Your Future

    DAY 1: Shape Your Future

    I love the man my son has become, but gee, how I miss this little happy, goofy boy at times!
  11. Christmas Joy

    Christmas Joy

  12. Play in the Snow

    Play in the Snow

    New from Natali Design I have to admit this was such an easy page to create. The clusters do all of the work for you!
  13. intelligence


  14. Summer Fun

    Summer Fun

    August 2022 Challenge # 4 at Oscraps- Wordart — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-2022-challenge-4-wordart.35979 I wanted to have the two paints and flair be similar shades of blue. I used the Color Replacement Brush to change the color of the flair. Then I used Image>Adjustments >...
  15. ice [s] cream

    ice [s] cream

  16. #Kid


  17. Me & my Pa

    Me & my Pa

  18. nld-him-only-page-9.jpg


  19. Inspire Me

    Inspire Me

  20. Aye aye Cap'n

    Aye aye Cap'n