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  1. the moment

    the moment

  2. Inner Strength

    Inner Strength

    Created For The November 2022 : Challenge #3 : Template Challenge Thank You! for a Wonderful! template challenge!!!...I was intrigued & wanted to create a layout with the template you kindly supplied...I don't use templates that often but find that I have been using them a bit more...
  3. Winter


    Created with Vicki Robinson Artful Memories Winter The Collection, part of the October Color Play.
  4. Chall #7_ Reciepe

    Chall #7_ Reciepe

    Created with : "Robyn's Folly"& "Kelpie" by Foxeysquirrel "Artful Express" & "Unfinished Woman" by Vicki Robinson
  5. 3 Year Old Me

    3 Year Old Me

    I found this picture in my Mom's things and it was so faded and all ripped up on the edges. I scanned it in and cropped out what I could of the rips. Then I tried to color correct it, but it just wasn't working, so I desaturated the photo and then put a sepia filter on it, and crisped it up with...
  6. Bike Life - May 2022

    Bike Life - May 2022

    Created for the October Vicki Robinson Get Creative Challenge HERE Ten elements used: button WA stitching torn paper doily diagonal line accent dotted round accent circular stain spatter big stain
  7. VR - Oct 2022

    VR - Oct 2022

    Created for Vicki Robinson's Art Journaling Challenge, going on now through October 23!
  8. Like the Vicki's challenge

    Like the Vicki's challenge

    Another page with challenge of October to Vicki Robinson : 10 elements Format US and all elements are in " Artful Memories Yesterday " by Vicki. @Vicki Robinson
  9. Journey


    Created for October Challenge #1 – Sketch Template
  10. Days Gone By

    Days Gone By

    September Color Play at Oscraps I recently re-found this photo of my mom's family taken in 1944 that was lost on my hard drive. So happy I had the chance to scrap it using this incredible kit!
  11. You Are My Home

    You Are My Home

    The Artful Memories Yesterday Collection is part of the September Color Play at Oscraps.
  12. As the years go by . . .

    As the years go by . . .

    Created with the beautiful new collection, Artful Memories Yesterday Collection, by Vicki Robinson
  13. Simple Pleasures

    Simple Pleasures

    C&S created with Vicki Robinson and Foxeysquirrel to participate at the challenge 2 in september 2022.
  14. VickiRobinson_Sep2022_Chall_flowersgal_square_web.jpg


    I love exploring art in its many different forms and reflecting on its meaning.
  15. You Make Life Magical

    You Make Life Magical

    Created for the September White Space Challenge. I used a brush from Vicki Robinson's watercolor brushes to blend the photo. I also used the underlying layer slider.
  16. September 2022 Challenge

    September 2022 Challenge

    Created for Vicki Robinson's September Featured Product Challenge, going on through September 23!
  17. Artsy Challenge Sept 2022

    Artsy Challenge Sept 2022

  18. Hello Fall

    Hello Fall

    Created for the September Challenge #2 – White Space / Clean
  19. You're My Home

    You're My Home

  20. Challenge #4 TTT.jpg

    Challenge #4 TTT.jpg

    Diagonal 2 brush, bird, flower