1. My Greats

    My Greats

    Journaling reads: Standing in the back is my Great Aunt Lula. Great Aunts Mary and Myrtle are seated with Great Grandma Whiteis in between. The only beautiful woman I have no recollection of from this photo is Great Grandma Whiteis. She is the mother of these three Great Aunts. We used to visit...
  2. I Remember

    I Remember

    Journaling reads: I can remember spending the night with Aunt Mary and Uncle Forrest Grist. I slept in a huge bed that I used a step stool to climb into. Aunt Mary was always busy. Uncle Forrest always walked with his hands clasped together behind his back. I loved to visit them. Uncle Forrest...
  3. Memories Captured

    Memories Captured

    Journaling reads: Christmas 1956 - I am sitting on my Great Grandma Whiteis’ lap at Aunt Mary’s house. Aunt Mary was my Grandpa Brandenburg’s sister. Great Grandma Whiteis married James W. Brandenburg in 1880. They had 11 children, the youngest one being born in 1901, which was William, my...
  4. Memories Last Forever

    Memories Last Forever

    Created with Palvinka Designs Book of Memories. It's so beautiful and perfect for documenting this picture of my mom's senior picture.
  5. Echoes of the Past

    Echoes of the Past

    Journaling reads: Dad was stationed in California during his time in the Army. That is how we ended up going to California on vacation in 1964. He always talked about liking his time out there. I don’t know where this picture was taken or when. I know he graduated and turned 18 on 10/31/46. But...
  6. Youth...


    This page took me a couple of weeks to finish - mostly because I needed to restore the photos and decide how I wanted to tell the story. The list of credits for this page is insane and totally out of character for me - but I wanted every element and every word strip to mean something and...
  7. Me & Dad

    Me & Dad

    Created For Personal Reasons : Also For The June 2022 : Challenge #5 : Heritage Layout Scrap Hopefully I did this challenge correctly...I'm not usually a heritage scrapper...I've dabbled a bit over the years & it was actually how I started My digiscrapping journey over 12 years ago now...I have...
  8. Found


    Created for Challenge #5 - Heritage. A rare photo of myself as a baby... Photo from 1978 RE Process: I recolored some of the papers and elements from Lynn's kit by placing a paper from Vicki's kit above and changing blend mode to hue...
  9. Dad in Wiesbaden

    Dad in Wiesbaden

    Photos of my dad when he was in the military. The handwriting is his. He was the same age as my son when these photos were taken. Dad didn't talk much about his military days but as I was scrapping this layout, I remembered him talking about how he would like to go back to Wiesbaden. He...
  10. For you I will...

    For you I will...

    There's a new designer here at Oscraps, which is super exciting, firstly because it means lots of new goodies to play with, but also because most of those goodies are up my alley - everyday-themed kits and creative templates are totally my jam! This page is the latest addition to my heritage...
  11. Dream


    Photos are of my Grandfather's Cousin Gracie sitting in the living room of my Great Gandfather's house... I am guessing the date as being 1916. 2 Different angles were taken.. one head on showing her thinking about what to write and the other dreaming about it looking out the window.. I thought...
  12. Dreams are Free

    Dreams are Free

  13. Relatives


    I have been enjoying going through some heritage pictures of my relatives and Kay's template for this Challenge seemed to be the perfect fit for these photos! I used this beautiful "featured product" collection by Simplette - Mother Love
  14. Rachel's April Mixed Media Scavenger Hunt Challenge

    Rachel's April Mixed Media Scavenger Hunt Challenge

    Rachel Jefferies Designs - at Oscraps April Mixed media Scavenger Hunt: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-04-rachel-jefferies-april-mixed-media-challenge.35329/
  15. Benjamin-Eyre-Catton.jpg


    Benjamin Eyre Catton was my 1st cousin 3 times removed. His mother and my 2X great grandmother were sisters. This LO was a bit complex. I started off with the photo of the house, adjusted its color to match the wedding photo, then tried a sketch effect action that seems to work really well...
  16. Roy.jpg


    A traditional layout using a photo of my late cousin Roy in his young days.
  17. You're stronger than you know

    You're stronger than you know

    Color Play March - 50% through Monday https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbook-color-play-coordinated-packs/
  18. Love Story

    Love Story

    Do you know there is a new Heritage/Genealogy forum here? I loved it and it inspired me to create this layout documenting real life Cinderella-type love story. The journaling reads: This photo was taken circa 1922. The girl with two long braids is my great grandmother Magda while she still...
  19. Keep on Going

    Keep on Going

    AnnaColor Challenge 03.04.2022 -03.17.2022 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-03-04-2022-03-17-2022.35142/#post-619241
  20. 22-03_Rachel-Jefferies_MM-Challenge


    2022-03 Rachel Jefferies March Mixed Media Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-03-rachel-jefferies-march-mixed-media-challenge.35191/#post-618792