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    A myth is a sacred, paradigmatic story symbolizing a particular group's beliefs and values. It therefore expresses what it means to be a member of that group. A second meaning is something that just isn’t true. Both meanings apply to the commonly held belief that the Pilgrims of the Mayflower...
  3. Claiborne-to-Jamestown-1621-1622-800.jpg


    William Claiborne accompanied Governor Sir Francis Wyatt and arrived in Virginia Colony in October 1621 aboard the George as the official surveyor for the Colony. Jamestown was only 14-years old, and Virginia was mostly still wilderness. About 5 months later, on 22 Mar 1621, the Powhatan...
  4. Friends


    My Mom had this picture of me with my friend Lori when we graduated from Brownies. I look at this picture now and wonder why I thought I was the fattest kid in the world, and why I got teased so much for being fat. Yeah, I had a few pounds on me, but I wasn't obese in any way. This got me...
  5. mom


    September 2023 Challenge #2 - Heritage
  6. mummy


  7. Cleora Hisel

    Cleora Hisel

    Cleora Pauline Preece Hisel My 3rd cousin twice removed, Hugh William Troy Hisel, married Cleora Pauline Preece. Hugh was born October 10, 1914 in Murray, Oklahoma to Hiram Alexander Lawrence Hisel and Ivy Troy, and died June 17, 1983 in Imperial, California. Cleora was born August 3, 1921...
  8. First Passport Photo 1960

    First Passport Photo 1960

    This layout was made for challenge 5-heritage. This is one of the very few photos I have from my childhood. This photo was from my first passport. That is why there are marks on my face. It's from the imprint from my passport being stamped. CIEL BLEU THE KIT by Regina Falango CIEL BLEU ADD...
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  10. Apr 2023 Heritage Chall #3

    Apr 2023 Heritage Chall #3

  11. good times

    good times

  12. Betty


  13. Legacy old memories

    Legacy old memories

    Created with : "Living Cottage" and "Simple pleasures" by Lynne Anzelc Picture Tontonvelocom
  14. Easter Smiles

    Easter Smiles

  15. April-Heritage-Challenge.jpg


    When the river on my husband's family farm was flooded, the only way across was in a barrel, using a system of ropes and pulleys. The photo in the layout shows my husband's uncle Frank and Aunt Ruby. The photo is from 1940
  16. 01-Iowa-Schools-to-1923.jpg


    These 10 pages are for a set of panoramic sleeves. Journaling reads: This Wahkonsa school house was completed in 1912 and is built on the site of Fort Dodge for which the Iowa city is named. Grandpa (George William Winter) started school there in 1913 or 1914. Thomas K. Winter, my great...
  17. 02-School-Skime-1929.jpg


    This was the schoolhouse for Skime, Minnesota in 1929 where my cousins Thelma and Clarice Winter attended. Their teacher, Gladys Anderson boarded with the Roseen family in 1930. Teachers often boarded with local families in the one-room schoolhouse days as salaries were small and housing was...
  18. 03-George-Winter-Class-of-1929.jpg


    My Grandpa's page.
  19. 04-George-Winter-Class-of-1929.jpg


    Journaling reads: Momma and her father both attended Fullerton Union High School, as did Daddy and his first cousins, Euvonda and Jack Deburger. I suspect I will find more family here when I get to other branches and twigs of our family tree. This is Fullerton Union High School in 1929.
  20. 05-Ann-Winter-Class-of-1954.jpg


    The bottom right yearbook photo is from 1952, Momma is 3rd from the left bottom row as Ann Winter. The larger page at center right is from her Senior yearbook in 1954. Momma and Daddy married in June 1953 and she is shown as Ann Wood. In my high school days, if you married and or got pregnant...