1. Avocado Toast.jpg

    Avocado Toast.jpg

  2. How I Roll

    How I Roll

  3. Street Tacos

    Street Tacos

  4. Donuts


    I added a small stroke to the word art so the bottom of the word art was not lost on the paper.
  5. Day 7: I Say Yes To This

    Day 7: I Say Yes To This

  6. 23-03_O_March-Challenge-#7---52-Inspirations


    March Challenge #7 - 52 Inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-challenge-7-52-inspirations.37206/
  7. Breakfast Of Champions

    Breakfast Of Champions

    Layers under and over the photos created clusters and paint was layered over the background paper.
  8. 23-01_Vicki-Stegall-Designs-(Momma-O's-January-Challenge


    Vicki Stegall Designs (Momma O's) January 2023 Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/vicki-stegall-designs-momma-os-january-2023-challenge.36734/#post-651301
  9. Keep calm eat sushi

    Keep calm eat sushi

    A flip of Kokoyaki sushi dinner during our summer vacation in Antalya, using Sushi pocket cards by Mediterranka Design. I transformed the blue card into the insert page for my TN. I glued the red quotes card and the guest check card together and used them as an interactive element, fixing it...
  10. A Feast for the Eyes

    A Feast for the Eyes

    Still Life Painting by Lynne Anzelc Designs https://www.oscraps.com/.../digital-scrapbooking-kit... https://www.oscraps.com/.../lynne-anzelc-sttill-life... Also available as Craft Artist Pack Files
  11. It Starts here

    It Starts here

  12. I Love the Pizza Girl

    I Love the Pizza Girl

  13. TeamKetchup


  14. Return Ticket

    Return Ticket

    For March Mixed Media challenge. RJ - 15 layers: 1 background paper 2 paint strokes 1 heart doodle 1 flower stamp 1 set of paper circles 1 paper piece 1 word art 1 foliage 1 button 3 flowers 1 stitched paper strip 1 stitches AA - 15 layers: 1 background paper 3 paint/art strokes 4 transfers 1...
  15. Mora Kaffestuga

    Mora Kaffestuga

  16. Saffron Pasta

    Saffron Pasta