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  1. Oscraps-0624-Momma-O-designer-challenge


    Oscraps-0624-Momma-O-designer-challenge (Glitter tabs and Stitching) She's Got Grit | Vicki Stegall Designs Andrea | Vicki Stegall Designs My Story Templates 06 | Karen Schulz Designs Font: Typenoksidi
  2. I Still Get Butterflies

    I Still Get Butterflies

  3. Love Is A Miracle

    Love Is A Miracle

  4. 2024-05 Lynn Grieveson May 2024 Featured Product Challenge

    2024-05 Lynn Grieveson May 2024 Featured Product Challenge

    Spring Daze Digital Scrapbooking Collection by Lynn Grieveson iuliu illes (Unsplash)
  5. 2023 12 13 Grandmas love notes.jpg

    2023 12 13 Grandmas love notes.jpg

    For this challenge, I wanted to find a way to separate the bold pattern with the artsy/grunge pattern so I used the bright pink paper to kind of set things apart. Song lyric "Message In A Bottle" by The Police.
  6. Summer is calling.jpg

    Summer is calling.jpg

  7. Love You

    Love You

  8. Life Right Now

    Life Right Now

  9. Surrender My Soul

    Surrender My Soul

  10. Love You

    Love You

  11. Me Living Happily

    Me Living Happily

  12. Be A Joyrider

    Be A Joyrider

  13. TV Moments of 2023

    TV Moments of 2023

  14. AnnaColor U TwoStep

    AnnaColor U TwoStep

  15. Square Peg Round Hole

    Square Peg Round Hole

  16. Exploring The Big City

    Exploring The Big City

    When I bought Anna's newest collection, I thought "This will be great to mix with Rachel's Riding The Rails .... and then Rachel's Mixed Media challenge for this month was a Designer Mash Up. Perfect!
  17. people & places

    people & places

    2023-07 Rachel Jefferies July 2023 Mixed Media Challenge
  18. 23-07_bcd_Cherish


    Sweet Doll July Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/sweet-doll-july-challenge.37926/
  19. 23-04_Vicki-Robinson-April-Challenge


    Vicki Robinson April Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/04-2023-vicki-robinson-april-challenge.37454/
  20. It's You & Me

    It's You & Me