#mixed media

  1. Lakeside kayak

    Lakeside kayak

    Mixed Media by Erin's - Lakeside Water Colour Bundle has the most amazing papers and and transfers! Making it easy to put yourself into this magical water colour world she has designed.
  2. StayCool.jpg


  3. HelloSeptember.jpg


  4. Nickelback_Chad_Kroeger_jhd_chall_September.jpg


    Made for the JHD Music September Challenge
  5. Square Peg Round Hole

    Square Peg Round Hole

  6. We Are Family

    We Are Family

    Done for the September Designer Challenge by Vicki Robinson found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2023-09-vicki-robinson-september-challenge.38277/ Left side of journal reads: Some of my most precious possessions are not materialistic in nature but are related to family; time...
  7. Through a Window #5

    Through a Window #5

    LDavison Journey, Hoppin, You Make My Heart Sing, Prince of the City,
  8. Solace


    Made with the awesome Solace Collection mandala by me
  9. here i am

    here i am

  10. Solace


  11. Not Alone

    Not Alone



    Created with Color Play products for August 2023 at Oscraps Color Crush 69 (bundle) | Joyful Heart Designs Photo: My own
  13. AidenInJohnstown.jpg


  14. I Need A Break

    I Need A Break

  15. Losing My Mind

    Losing My Mind

  16. Ballet-Expressive Zones Challenge 5

    Ballet-Expressive Zones Challenge 5

    I have followed this beautiful child since she was a tiny ballerina. Background is shabby solid paper 05 in Pin Light mode over pattern paper 09; border 02 with shabby solid paper 05 clipped to it is in between these two layers. Cut the photo in three parts, add an inside stroke to frame each...
  17. Fnuffe Oktober 1998

    Fnuffe Oktober 1998

    We used to call John "Fnuffe" when he was little. It's onomatopoetic - it was like the sound he did when he sucked on his pacifier
  18. Don't Quit

    Don't Quit

    Done for the Lynn Grieveson Featured Product Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2023-08-lynn-grieveson-august-2023-featured-product-challenge.38113/ Journaling reads: Do you ever feel like giving up on life? Do you ever ask the question, “Why?” Do you ever say...
  19. vrd-summerish.jpg


  20. This is all I need

    This is all I need

    Page for Rachel Jefferies August Mixed Media challenge.