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  1. Sweet Romance 02.jpg

    Sweet Romance 02.jpg

    I used a soft mask to get the required soft edge big photo.
  2. true love stories

    true love stories

  3. A Forever Love

    A Forever Love

    2023 January Color Play
  4. Sweet Romance 01.jpg

    Sweet Romance 01.jpg

    I created the clusters by mixing overlays with the elements.
  5. January Challenge 3

    January Challenge 3

    My youngest daughter and grandson, deep in conversation. I thought the One Word Prompt was perfect for this photograph. Credits: Palvinka Book of Memories; Anna Aspnes Stitchez Frames.
  6. Frosty Friends 2.jpg

    Frosty Friends 2.jpg

    Keeping things to a minimal palette I took the black stamp of the snowman and reduced the colour to white then played with shadowing to give it some dimension with the grey tones. The same with the branch but a bevel was added. I added a bevel to the tree and a slight shadow.
  7. Challenge 4 TTT.jpg

    Challenge 4 TTT.jpg

    I used row 3: winter element, foliage, brush/paint ( It could also cover column 2) This kit has lots of overlays which I used a fillers in my clusters.
  8. Vermont


    Lucky for our Son and family that Vermont actually got some decent snow on their recent trip there for a sking holiday. I used the beautiful collection from Palvinka Designs - Frosty Friends
  9. good times

    good times

  10. 31 december

    31 december

    The last day of the year, I iron quickly so that everything is gone. Just before noon I return my father's laundry, and then I immediately decide to do some cleaning with him. Shortly after noon I have to go back again. Around 4 pm the children come and we hand out the presents and we take our...
  11. Day 1: Christmas fairy

    Day 1: Christmas fairy

    Scraplift of Angelique's Day-6-Scrap-Song-Lyrics.
  12. 8 december

    8 december

    After my morning shift I go looking for a new winter coat. Unfortunately the jacket I liked was no longer available in my size. In the early evening I visit my father, a daily habit that he looks forward to. What we mainly do this period is watch the World Cup together. Palvinka designs...
  13. Christmas Adventure Collection

    Christmas Adventure Collection

    Christmas Adventure Collection by Palvinka designs picture pixabay thanks for looking
  14. Day 9 Decorate An Art Doll

    Day 9 Decorate An Art Doll

    I had to do another art doll challenge layout! I used Lynne Anzelc's Fashion Art Dolls. I also used CU Lace Fragments by Manu Designs/ and Palvinka Christmas Hug.
  15. merry chistmas

    merry chistmas

  16. CHRISTMAS 2007

    CHRISTMAS 2007

    Created with Oscraps products: Christmas Adventure Collection by Palvinka Designs Photos: My middle granddaughter on Christmas Day 2007.
  17. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

  18. Palvinka Designs Christmas Adventure

    Palvinka Designs Christmas Adventure

    Brand new Christmas Adventure by Palvinka Designs is so magical and whimsical and perfect for any holiday pictures that you might have. This is my grandson and my dog back in 2015 - a magical memory for this wonderful collection.
  19. 3 december

    3 december

    Saturday, so i can stay in our bed a little longer. I pay a short visit to my father and then to Jolien and Benjamin. Quickly do some shopping in the afternoon and then turn on the stove and do nothing. It is already getting noticeably colder. Et designs_Hello december : backgroundpaper...
  20. Let it snow . . . Challenge 3

    Let it snow . . . Challenge 3

    Created for the Day 3 – Use The Same Photo Challenge