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  1. Capture Beauty

    Capture Beauty

    The background consists of three papers. The bottom layer is a green solid paper. The layer above is a white paper with green foliage and bits of yellow. The blend mode is Pin Light and I have also used the underlying layer slider to determine how much of the paper shows. The top layer is a...


    Created with products from Oscraps Concerto | The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies Immersed | Mixed Media Kit by Rachel Jefferies Photo: My own
  3. tis-for-together.jpg


    For the 2024-02 Rachel Jefferies February 2024 Featured Product Challengehttps://oscraps.com/community/threads/2024-02-rachel-jefferies-february-2024-featured-product-challenge.39252/ T is for Together | The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies & Studio Basic Picture by me...
  4. It's A Good Day to Be Happy

    It's A Good Day to Be Happy

    Ordinary Life Element Pack by et designs I'm Ready Mixed Media Artistry by Rachel Jefferies Color Crush 63 Artsy by Joyful Heart Designs
  5. Serendipity


  6. Life is beautiful

    Life is beautiful

    Mixed Media Backgrounds 2 by Wendy Page Designs The Mixed Media Signature Kits: Be That Girl by Rachel Jefferies ArtPlay Palette Noetic by Anna Aspnes Picture by me thanks for looking
  7. challenge 3

    challenge 3

    For the January Challenge #3 - Through The Lens Concerto | The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies This is also a colorplay product and still on sale until today Pictures by me thanks for looking
  8. A concerto of hearts

    A concerto of hearts

    credits : Rachel Jefferies : Concerto . The Complete Mixed Media Collection
  9. challenge 5

    challenge 5

    For the January Challenge #5 - Artsy/Mixed Media with Ona I took this picture in dec 2022, i gave it a stroke and a little shadow. I blended 4 papers, added gesso's, brushes and lace and played with the blendmodus. papers : Artplay palette Neige by Anna Aspnes Artplay Palette Beautiful day...
  10. day 1 secret gift

    day 1 secret gift

    For the secret gift challenge. I choose gift 1 : What is your personal quirk during scrapbooking? I always listen to Spotify. I listen to my favorite artists, but I also dare to listen to podcasts, usually when I'm scrapping in the evening. Last year I mainly listened to coldplay because I went...
  11. Snow


  12. 2023 In Review

    2023 In Review

  13. 52-2023-wk-50


    52 Inspirations 2023 no 50 Vanguard | Mixed Media Mini Mix by Rachel Jefferies Art in Simplicity | Photo Ready Kit No.1 by Rachel Jefferies : I used the frame and the backgroundpaper FotoBlendz Overlays No 8 by Anna Aspnes My son walking with Charlie thanks for looking
  14. art in simplicty

    art in simplicty

    Art in Simplicity | Photo Ready Kit No.1 by Rachel Jefferies My hubby with his brothers thanks for looking
  15. DAY 4 : The Hat

    DAY 4 : The Hat

  16. Lake Walk

    Lake Walk

  17. 80th Birthday

    80th Birthday

    My dad never would smile for a photo. He almost did here! :)


    Challenge is based on creating layouts in four weekly parts, dependent on what the particular prompts are for that week. Made for the November AJ Challenge at Oscraps https://oscraps.com/community/threads/november-art-journaling-challenge-gratitude-week-3.38674/ Week 3 - Prompt: A favourite...
  19. Peace


    This was an emotional week for me. I have been fortunate to not have severe side effects due to chemo. However, it did make me really sad when my hair started falling out. :( You Give Me Wings Kit by Rachel Jefferies and Studio Basic Designs You Give Me Wings Mixed Media by Rachel Jefferies...
  20. Let New Adventures Begin

    Let New Adventures Begin