November 2021 Scrapbooking Fun at Oscraps

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November Theme | Family Stories

November is Family Stories Month. It’s like an entire month set aside for the pleasure and enjoyment of digital scrapbookers. Whether you began your scrapbooking journey with scissors and glue or went straight to digital scrapbooking, most of us started scrapbooking so we could combine our love of art with our desire to preserve family memories.

For many scrapbooking enthusiasts, storytelling comes naturally. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to get family members to open up about their life stories. We tend to remember our life based on timelines or achievements and failures. It’s important to document the facts of our life, but there will always be a way to find that information.

The family stories we’re focusing on this month aren’t those that are found in census or tax records. The most cherished stories are the ones that cause an entire room of people to roar with laughter or sit in silence anticipating the outcome. No one can tell these stories like the person who lived them. 

All month long, we’ll be sharing creative ideas and prompts on how to get your family to share their life stories. You’ll find articles that cover everything from how to make family storytelling fun, to ideas for preserving those family stories, to creative ideas for how to capture the story.

 We hope you’ll join us!

November Featured Products

In celebration of Family Stories Month we’re Featuring Products to help you document your stories on traditional digital scrapbook pages, photo albums, and storyboards.

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Monthly Challenges

Each month we have a fun group of challenges in our forum. Join the Cheery O’s for one of the November Challenges.

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Designer Challenges

Our designers have their own little space for challenges. Check out the November Designer Challenges for even more ways to get creative with your photos and stories.

November 2021 Family Stories Thoughts To Ponder

My mom left this earth in 2013. She was the ultimate family storyteller. Not only did she have a memory like an elephant but she could talk for DAYS! She loved being around people and she soaked up information like a sponge. She could recall dates and locations with unbelievable accuracy. I heard her tell some stories many times over the years but after she was gone, we had trouble remembering small details from some of our favorite stories. She had taken them with her. No matter how many times she told us the story. No matter how great a storyteller she was, no one can tell a story like the person who lived it.

Now is the time to capture the stories from the living and write down or record any you remember from family members who are no longer here. Now is also the very best time to document your own life stories. No one can tell your story better than you.

If you were going to make a family stories book, where would you start?


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