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    Daily Ooo's Thursday June 11

    Good Morning Girlie O's~! How are you all doing? Sweet hugs~ tacoShell
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    Mafia Wars on FB

    Yay~! Thanks Chris babe~! You are in my top Mafia too~! hugs out to ya I will be gone again tomorrow...but will be back in the eve anyhow... Shelly Roy on FB and RockyD{shell} in MW hugs out and let's join up shell
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    toot for Maya

    Yay~! CONGRATS Maya~! AWESOME pages for sure~! You always do! hugs~shell
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    Baby Chase Has Arrived!

    Oh~! CONGRATS Jos Darlin'~! You have a BEAUTIFUL family~! soo precious~! hugs~shell
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    AI spoilers...don't read if you don't wanna know...LOL!!

    OK...cracking myself up again ROFLOL I have to admit...I have no idea about any of these people...except for the tiny snippets in main stream news about it... but I thought that you had some news or something about Adobe Illustrated...you know AI...nevermind ::::::::cracked up, ROFL like a...
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    How do you cope with the guilt?

    Same here Darlin' More of the pets than anything...more of DD than DS, and more of DH than DS When he has teased about it, I tell him how he doesn't like being in the photos, so he usually doesn't really take a good photo. He agrees. Of course, he is now 27. And then on the other hand...since...
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    Daily Ooo's Friday May 15 TGIF!

    Good Morning my Darlin O's~!! How are you all doing? I just had my Long Island iced tea from Chris...Thank You Darlin'~! WooHoo~! LOL I got Jer to join the Oscraps FB, so look for him there. So much fun~! I have embarked on a new journey... hugs out to all of you VERY DEAR friends~! tossing...
  8. Arboretum Scene

    Arboretum Scene

    Scene It!:Arboretum Rocky Designs ashaleeandsweet.com
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    Happy Birthday Shell hon !

    Thanks my Darlin's~! Love ya~! hugs~shellMcBell
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    Happy Birthday Shell hon !

    Thanks my Sweets~! You are so precious~! Tons of hugs~ Love ya! shell
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    Daily Ooo's Friday Jan 30 TGIF

    Good Morning Sweety O's~! Thanks so much~! I am wishing for you all to have warm sunshine in your life today~! (including the weather...but mostly the mood) I am a moods person...I don't ask for things...just a mood. Happy, romantic, fun...you know, all of that Chris~ I know what you mean...
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    Happy Birthday Shell hon !

    thanks so much my girlies~! You are all so special...you are my presents~! I Love ya~! hugs~magicShell
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    Comment by 'SeaShelly' in media 'Together'

    Lovely Lovely Layout~! Love seeing their smiles~! hugs~
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    Daily Ooo's Thursday Jan 8

    Hugs girls~! I am off and running again...got all of the laundry and cooking ready...the truck is mostly loaded...just gonna shower and wash my hair before leaving. Gotta go and pick up a couple of things to bring, and stop by the post office for some documents regarding Jer's mom's will that he...
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    Daily Ooo's Tuesday January 6

    Hello O Darlin's~! Stopping by to send out O hugs~! XOXOXO hugs~crawfishShell