Had Never Imagined
Inspiration – looking at the papers in the new APP Gallivant I thought they would work good for a heritage page. So I went into my heritage photos and choose 4 school photos.

Start-File>New 12x12 300

Paper – Put Solid Paper 5 above the background layer

Frames – Moved Corner Slit Frame 4.3 above the paper

Mask – Placed Gallant Fotoblendz below the frames above the right frame. I added color to some of the other layers using Edit>Fill

Photos – I added the photos to the mask layers of the frames using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. Used the same method for the Mask.

Transfers – Placed Transfer 4 on the top edge. Transfer 2 I placed under the picture on the right. I duplicated the transfer and using Ct U added some blue to match the blue in Transfer 4. I didn’t want too much blue so I added a mask and brushed where I didn’t want the blue to show. Edge Overlay was placed on the lower-left edge. I selected just the stamp and used Edit>Fill to turn it green.

Brushes – I rotated this brush and placed it on the bottom edge in blue. Then I added a splatter brush over the photos from upper left to lower right.

Element Cluster – Started with the Beaded Foliage, added the Blue Flower from Mini Palette Oisau, the Heart and Leather Cord, the Postage Stamp which color using Edit>Fill, and the Wordart “had never imagined.”
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Love love love this. Fantastic to have these four images and to be able to see them together on this artfully created page.
Congrats on the feature!

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