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  • Hi Vicki, I'm seeing a lot of winners for the Easter Egg Hunt. This was a wonderful idea. But as some of the forum people mentioned, the only way I could find the Summer With Squirrels kit was to do a search on its name. It isn't showing in my store, which makes sense since I marked it as "hidden but available," which I thought was part of the instructions. Anyway, when (if) you have a minute, I think it needs fixing. I don't want to screw things up worse. Stay well and thank you for being amazing Vicki.
    Hi Vicki,
    My coupon from Crafty Buttons doesn't seem to work. it says it's expired or something I wrong. I made sure I was signed in.

    Crafty Button Design
    Coupon code: CBD_DEC5OFF
    Expires: Feb 1, 2019
    Vicki, I may have asked this before, but I can't find where I did, so I'll just ask again. Is there somewhere that lists all the products I've purchased? I failed to tag the MiniOs I've collected, which is making fulfilling Challenge 6 difficult. I'm plodding thru old MiniOs to see what I recognize, but it is slow-going. If there's a shortcut, I'd appreciate it. Thanks so much.
    Sharron Lamb
    I just thought I pop in even if briefly, I will try to be around more often, as this was my home for quiet a while and couldn't;t have been treated better.... just wanted to say love your avatar.... beautiful and talented a`s always!!!!! <3
    Hi Vicki! LOVE the WIN Your WISH!!! Having a blast picking out kits and things! But can you explain to me how to link a picture of what I want from the store to the thread? I see everyone is adding a picture but I have no idea how to do this. Thanks so much!!! So looking forward to my first birthday party at OScraps!!
    Hi Vicki - Jodie Odegaard again. Hope you are feeling much better! I am writing to find out if there would be any conflict/issue if I used some of Anna Aspnes's products in Oscraps challenges that I purchased when she was with another Digital Scrapbooking outlet. I completely understand if the answer is no, and I will abide by Oscraps policies. Thanks Vicki
    When I post a page in the gallery how can I add a link to either the product I used or to a "lift" or tutorial?
    Hi Vicki.
    I feel like I am going a bit crazy. Earlier tonight I read a question from you regarding using clipping masks in PSP (at least I think I did) where you got a reply from someone saying that they would send you an email with instructions. BUT, I have now lost it and have looked everywhere to no avail.
    I really need to know the answer :( - I have been trying to use PS clipping masks in PSP for ages and it has me beat.
    Hope you can help please.
    Thanks for listening anyway.
    Karen (blessedmutti)
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