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  • Vicky, I have only posted 1 page to the gallery and I can't remember how I did it. How do I save a psd file so that I can post to a gallery? thanks for your help.
    Vicki, I may have asked this before, but I can't find where I did, so I'll just ask again. Is there somewhere that lists all the products I've purchased? I failed to tag the MiniOs I've collected, which is making fulfilling Challenge 6 difficult. I'm plodding thru old MiniOs to see what I recognize, but it is slow-going. If there's a shortcut, I'd appreciate it. Thanks so much.
    Sharron Lamb
    I just thought I pop in even if briefly, I will try to be around more often, as this was my home for quiet a while and couldn't;t have been treated better.... just wanted to say love your avatar.... beautiful and talented a`s always!!!!! <3
    Hi Vicki! LOVE the WIN Your WISH!!! Having a blast picking out kits and things! But can you explain to me how to link a picture of what I want from the store to the thread? I see everyone is adding a picture but I have no idea how to do this. Thanks so much!!! So looking forward to my first birthday party at OScraps!!
    Hi Vicki - Jodie Odegaard again. Hope you are feeling much better! I am writing to find out if there would be any conflict/issue if I used some of Anna Aspnes's products in Oscraps challenges that I purchased when she was with another Digital Scrapbooking outlet. I completely understand if the answer is no, and I will abide by Oscraps policies. Thanks Vicki
    When I post a page in the gallery how can I add a link to either the product I used or to a "lift" or tutorial?
    Hi Vicki.
    I feel like I am going a bit crazy. Earlier tonight I read a question from you regarding using clipping masks in PSP (at least I think I did) where you got a reply from someone saying that they would send you an email with instructions. BUT, I have now lost it and have looked everywhere to no avail.
    I really need to know the answer :( - I have been trying to use PS clipping masks in PSP for ages and it has me beat.
    Hope you can help please.
    Thanks for listening anyway.
    Karen (blessedmutti)
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