1. AnnaColor : How To Heal?

    AnnaColor : How To Heal?

    This layout is very personal to me...It shows how hard it is to navigate grief,sorrow,sadness,guilt,regret...My beloved husband,Ray passed away from terminal brain cancer...It was 5 months on the 9th of November...since he has passed away...It was such a shock to all of us...He spent only 9 days...
  2. Past Glory - BE 3

    Past Glory - BE 3

  3. Past Glory Collection - Laitha Art Studio

    Past Glory Collection - Laitha Art Studio

  4. Everyday-Memories-Palvinka


  5. my heart will go on

    my heart will go on

  6. slow down

    slow down

    ANNA COLOR CHALLENGE 09.08.2023 - 09.28.2023
  7. inner beauty

    inner beauty

  8. Katie - 1960

    Katie - 1960

  9. RoadToMyHeart.jpg


  10. here i am

    here i am

  11. HappyMoments.jpg


  12. Being Brave

    Being Brave

    Originally this layout started out being created for the August 2023 White Space Challenge...But as I started to create my page...I realized that I had 9 elements instead of the required 7...I liked the layout as it was & didn't want to remove any of the elements I had carefully...
  13. Sadness & Grief

    Sadness & Grief

    Created For The August 2023 : Challenge #3 : Occasions & Themes : Featuring : An Everyday Challenge Of Your Life ***SENSITIVE SUBJECT MATTER ~ ABOUT LOSS,GRIEF & CANCER*** this information is very personal...& I will not be posting this on my FB page...only here *** Hi! there Everyone...Feels...
  14. summer is a state of mind

    summer is a state of mind

  15. wrinkles


  16. finding my soul

    finding my soul

  17. Our Bug.jpg

    Our Bug.jpg

    I created the pattern from the little ladybug :)
  18. Wild Flower Child

    Wild Flower Child

    This collab kit is simply incredible.! It's perfect for scrapping photos of flowers which was my initial intent. But when I saw the elements and this word art, I dug through old photos of me and my daughter from 2006. The background is made with the wooden paper blended over the floral one using...
  19. happiness


  20. Alone In Grief

    Alone In Grief

    Created For The June 2023 : Mood Board Challenge ****Warning****** Sensitive Journaling About Grief & Cancer... I have been grieving the sudden loss of my beloved husband Ray...of 26 years...And though,I'm MIA from my Cheerio duties...I felt the need to create an Art Journaling Layout to...