1. Don't Forget This Moment

    Don't Forget This Moment

    Created For The May 27th 2022 : Fab Friday Color Play : Forget Me Not : Natali Designs
  2. Wine Much?

    Wine Much?

    Created For The May 27th 2022 : Fab Friday Color Play : With Artful Expressions 05 By Vicki Robinson Such A Fun! Collection...I think it may have hit a few nerves here...[myself included]...LOL!!!..The WA is Spectacular!!!!!!!...I seem to say some of these things on a daily/weekly...
  3. Seriously?


  4. Seriously 2020

    Seriously 2020

  5. BE ForgetMeNot Natali copy.jpg

    BE ForgetMeNot Natali copy.jpg

  6. BE Artful Expression05 VRD

    BE Artful Expression05 VRD

  7. w.jpg


    thank you for the challenge
  8. Strength In Positivity

    Strength In Positivity

    Created For The May 2022 : Rachel Jefferies : Color Play Challenge Another Fab! Collection Rachel!!!...I really loved the WA included here in this collection...The soft....yet strength around the edges...watercolor feminine pinks...and the "strong" message it portrayed for me...It inspired this...
  9. original


  10. Believe In Hope

    Believe In Hope

    Created With The New! Spring In The Garden Collection By Palvinka Designs : https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Spring-In-The-Garden-Collection.html


    Created with Lucky and Blessed Collection by Vicki Stegall at Oscraps Photo: My own - my middle son with his beautiful daughter Grace, high school graduation 2019.
  12. Bright Positivity

    Bright Positivity

    Created For Challenge #5 : Creative Technique : Blending Multiple Papers To Create A Background Great! Challenge! Ona!...Awesome Layouts!...I'm sure most of you all know by now [or anyone who has ever visited my gallery...]...that blending is my favorite thing to do!...And It is always the back...
  13. Reflections


    I made this page in a more traditional scrap style. To make the frame I opened the scalloped-edged paper from Imagine. I used the marquee tool to select a rectangle from the center of it and resized it around the woman's face. I used this tutorial to make the title: Reflected Text Tutorial...
  14. Lynn Grieveson Sharp Eyed

    Lynn Grieveson Sharp Eyed

    What a fun collection! Lynn's Sharp Eyed Collection is May's Featured Product.
  15. emeto-CollageIt.jpg


    -*NEW* -"Collage It - Collection" by emeto designs
  16. Mother's Day 2022

    Mother's Day 2022

    May Challenge # 5 - Creative Techniques at Oscraps— https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-challenge-5-creative-techniques.35483 I used 8 papers from Manu's kit. I chose some with words, some with textures, and the floral one was the one they are all stacked on. I ended up using date stamp...
  17. You are my Everything . . . ♥

    You are my Everything . . . ♥

  18. Pray For Peace

    Pray For Peace

    Created For The May 2022 : Color Palette Challenge : Blue/Yellow/Green : https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-2-color-palette.35473/post-626132 ***The most Wonderful! color palette!...Such powerful! & impactful! colors!...I knew exactly what kind of layout I was gonna...
  19. Good Times . . .

    Good Times . . .

    Created for the 52 Inspirations May Challenge #3
  20. My Mother's Day Gift

    My Mother's Day Gift

    Challenge #7 page