blending modes

  1. New Adventures

    New Adventures

    Used blend modes to blend the photo into the background and then added stamps overtop.
  2. Meow


    This page was a lot of fun to make, I duplicated several of the flower layers and blended them using different modes. For the large leaf in the bottom right, I blended the bottom file using Color (70% Opacity) and the top layer with Luminosity (100% Opacity). I used layer masks to erase the...
  3. Reflect - Vicki Robinson September Challenge 2022-09

    Reflect - Vicki Robinson September Challenge 2022-09

    The sea is my go-to place for reflections. “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” – Rabindranath Tagore
  4. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-ephemeral-life-is-short-michelle.jpg


    Life is Short Spending time at Kandanga, North Coast, Queensland with my Sister while Mum and Dad recover. Created with the Ephemeral Collection and some coordinating ArtsyTransfers coming soon.
  5. The Best

    The Best

  6. RF-SummerGold-QP5.jpg


  7. Giverny N°6

    Giverny N°6

  8. August Anna Lift Challenge

    August Anna Lift Challenge

    I was inspired by the vintage photo of my Uncle Richard and Aunt Martha and the brown shades of the layout. I blended 3 papers from Double Maker Narcissus Papers and one paper from Double Maker Uplift The transfers and overlays are from Art Play Palette Amidst
  9. AnnaLift_Old Man

    AnnaLift_Old Man

    My old man’s portrait taken in 2019. The text reads: “Live for the moments” “Old men's eyes are like old men's memories; they are strongest for things a long way off.” ~ George Eliot. Construction: I started with the FotoInspired Template Pack 2Y #1, deleting the frames and shrinking the masks...
  10. The Treehouse

    The Treehouse

  11. Flowers


  12. Challeng 7 Family

    Challeng 7 Family

    I used the Oscrap's A Brave Heart. Collab We took this family photo at Christmas last year. I did some blending on the page and made a layered border on the left side of the page.
  13. End of Summer

    End of Summer

    Natali Designs End of Summer is new in the store and also part of Color Play. I did a lot of layering and blending.
  14. Days like these

    Days like these

  15. SPA 20 08 22 .

    SPA 20 08 22 .

  16. He still believes in Santa

    He still believes in Santa

    My first LO ever here at Oscraps. This is my son with Santa when he was 5 years old. I just joined Oscraps today, 22 Aug 2022. I had to use a freebie Mini kit, because I have yet to purchase any Bundles. That's going to have to wait until the end of the month. A very simple basic LO, but...
  17. anna August  Color Challenge

    anna August Color Challenge

    I blended all four of the patterned papers from the Anna Aspnes Double Maker Papiers.. Anna Aspnes Art Play Color Palette Twizzle: Anna Aspnes Artsy Flowers 1 and 2 Anna Aspnes Art Play Carpe Diem
  18. Engagement Photo

    Engagement Photo

    Credits: for the 52 Inspiration Challenge # 2
  19. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    Early in the morning, while outside on the patio, my daughter points and says, "I see a big bird in the tree." I rush inside to get my camera, and was able to capture the moment. My best photo was where he was practicing a mean stance. Construction: I used ArtPlay Palette Plage Solid Paper #2...
  20. Palvinka Always Laugh

    Palvinka Always Laugh

    Palvinka Designs Always Laugh is new in The Oscrap's Store.