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  1. Had Never Imagined

    Had Never Imagined

    Inspiration – looking at the papers in the new APP Gallivant I thought they would work good for a heritage page. So I went into my heritage photos and choose 4 school photos. Start-File>New 12x12 300 Paper – Put Solid Paper 5 above the background layer Frames – Moved Corner Slit Frame 4.3...
  2. Rainy days everywhere

    Rainy days everywhere

    More thoughts about living with the rain :-)
  3. When will the rain end?

    When will the rain end?

    Living with someone with extreme seasonal affective disorder comes with its challenges. Hopefully moving to sunnier city and being able to travel again will help, but everywhere you go there are rainy grey days.
  4. BE Sisters - 1942

    BE Sisters - 1942

    November Featured Product
  5. Vicki Robinson Family Stories

    Vicki Robinson Family Stories

    This is such a wonderful kit and this vintage photo is even one of the photographs included in the kit. Vicki Robinson Family Stories: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-kit-family-stories-vicki-robinson.html