March Art Journaling Challenge #1


I solemnly swear I am up to no good!
Welcome to the March Art Journaling Challenge! I am your host Susie, and I'm so happy to be scrapping with you!

This month we are going to explore the world of science in three areas. I have the first, which is the science of Oceanography!

Join me in being an oceanographer for this week and take a deep dive into the ocean!

Oceanography is the study of all aspects of the ocean. Oceanography covers a wide range of topics, from marine life and ecosystems to currents and waves, the movement of sediments, and seafloor geology.

Did you know that the ocean:
…covers 70% of the earth’s surface?
…is home to 94% of all life on Earth?
…regulates the climate?
…is home to the largest living structure - the Great Barrier Reef?
…provides more than half the oxygen we breathe?

The ocean is an essential part of our lives. So is it any wonder that since the dawn of time, we have been fascinated by the ocean? For many people, just the sound of the ocean waves is very calming. Many of us love to sit near the ocean or a river and gaze out at the water -- often, we can sit for long periods simply observing the gentle movements of the water.

While in the restful, contemplative state associated with observing or interacting with water, it's also common to experience feelings of awe. The emotion of awe invokes feelings of a connection to something beyond oneself, a sense of the vastness of nature and an attempt to make sense of the experience. When you experience that feeling of awe, you get that one with the universe feeling. You feel connected to yourself, the world around you, and whoever you happen to be with.

I want you to Imagine this scene: You are sitting on the soft sands at the beach. The breeze is light and the air is fresh. You close your eyes in the shade of a palm grove and you listen to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing against the shoreline. As they recede and return, each wave brings you closer to your inner serenity, and with each moment you spend listening to the breaking waves on the infinite sands, your mind drifts into a place of freedom and peace. These sounds of the waves coming in and out are a comfort to our minds and it is constantly assuring you that you are safe. Each wave coming in and receding says to you “Don’t worry. It’s ok. There is nothing to be concerned about. Just be.”

Relax for a bit and then think about the ocean, and how it inspires you, and create a page reflecting that.

You can scrap it in any style you wish (artsy, clean and graphic, pocket scrapping, hybrid, paper…) with any Oscraps kits that you wish. You can get deep with your journaling. You can have no journaling at all. Remember that this is for anyone who wants to be inspired by the topic!

Our friend and fellow cheeryo @Madi adds this:
We are starting over.
Resetting our minds.
Forget about everything that you think art journaling is and play along with us.
We are trying to get everyone into art journaling.
See the challenges as exercises to change your way of thinking about scrapping.
Learn something new and maybe a little more about yourself.
The journey begins here, with a fresh and open mind and literally a blank canvas.
We are exploring and hope to cover all sorts of ways to journal and that everyone can find a way to journal
that feels comfortable and fulfilling to them.

So come on in, get your favorite beverage, your comfy clothes, and your willingness to try something new, and let's have FUN!!

We are so excited that Vivienne, from Viva Artistry has graciously created a freebie of gesso for you to use! Just click to add it to your cart. It will come up with a price of zero.

**You will get an extra entry for using gesso in your layout!! So this month you have a chance to get FIVE entries!!!! **


I made a mood board from images that inspired me about the ocean. This is meant as a tool to get you thinking. You don’t need to use it at all, or if it did inspire you, tell me what part of it inspired you.

This week we are adding a requirement and starting the journey to what many people would consider traditional art journaling. We are asking that you use gesso somewhere on your page. Gesso is a white, opaque paint used to prime surfaces (in paper journaling) for painting, drawing, or mixed media art. Some ways It can be used are to create a background, to block something you don’t want easily seen on your pages, a texture, or a writing surface.

Here are a few images I found on Pinterest with the use of gesso
See how she put the gesso in the background to make the foam of the sea?

You can see the gesso in the ocean. It's not bold, but it's there.

She is using gesso in the bubbles, and under the ferns.

Here's a simpler art journal page about the ocean that I really loved!

Here are two kits in the store, but there are many designers who include gesso in their regular kits. You probably own some of them already.

I have used these by Crafty Button Design and they are wonderful and a mixed pack of ways to use gesso:

Vicki Robinson has some really chunky thick gesso pieces “Just Gesso 01”

And here is my page:


And one from our co-host Sonja:

Everyone who participates in either challenge this month will be entered into a drawing for a $5 gift certificate to Oscraps.

Cheeryo's are most welcome to play along but they won't be entered into the drawing.

A fun little addition: If you want, you can make more than one page for each challenge! You can make as many as you want, but you can only earn four entries to the drawing. Each page is an entry up to 4. After that, you won’t get any more entries, but you will have created more art pieces!!! That’s a win too!

Challenge Rules:
You have until 11:59 p.m. ET on March 31st to complete your pages for this challenge.

To qualify for the drawing, you need to use 80% Oscraps products that are currently in the store (non-Oscraps products or retired O designer products can be used whether the designer is selling elsewhere or not).

You need to credit all the products used on your page.
You cannot use a page you create for this challenge for another Oscraps challenge.

Upload your page to the Art Journal Gallery and then add your layout to the challenge thread. (Below you will find instructions on adding your page to this thread.)

Adding a linked layout from the Gallery to a thread:
1. Upload your layout to the gallery first. In your forum post click the Gallery Embed icon (little camera).
2. This will open your gallery, simply click on the layout you require, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Continue button.
3. Your linked layout is now in your post, the image will appear once you have clicked the Post Reply button.

Let's Get Scrappin'!!!!!​
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What a wonderful kick-off to the March AJ challenges, Susie! LOVE all of your examples, your soothing way of getting us into the experience, your gorgeous mood board and of course, yours and Sonja's inspiration layouts!!


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Looks like a fabulous challenge for March ladies!! Need to carve out some ME time to get a page (or two) done this month!!!! :)


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A super fun way to learn journaling and make an effort. Because it's not always easy. I could have worked more LOs, so extensive is the subject and so much there would be to say about it. Thank you Susie for this great task.

Here is one of my pages