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  1. Behind Blue Eyes

    Behind Blue Eyes

    For Challenge #2 - Lyrics or Poems Song is "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who
  2. 23-03_vrd-still-changing


  3. changing


  4. Changes


    When I saw that cute art doll I knew I had to scrap with it..
  5. March AJ Challenge#1

    March AJ Challenge#1

  6. Turtle Island

    Turtle Island

    for the March Art Journaling Challenge!
  7. letting go

    letting go

    As you all know by now, I adore journaling. I keep a written journal with all my thoughts and make art journal pages of them to have them printed as a book at the end of the year. This page is about my son making a school trip to the US, the other side of the world. It's all about my struggles...
  8. AnnaColor Challenge

    AnnaColor Challenge

  9. Bluewood


  10. Changes


    A4 sized Art journal page
  11. tones of green

    tones of green

  12. artful expressions

    artful expressions

  13. Life is a garden

    Life is a garden

  14. Art Journal Challenge Week 2 - Ponder

    Art Journal Challenge Week 2 - Ponder

    This is for the Week 2 art journal challenge! Using a mood board, scrap a page that you've been inspired to do.
  15. turning 50

    turning 50

    acccepting it is hard
  16. almost 50

    almost 50

    The struggle is real. I have a hard time accepting I am turning 50.
  17. Feb AJ Autumn Melissa

    Feb AJ Autumn Melissa

    for the February Art Journaling Challenge
  18. 23-01_rjefferies-somewhereinbetween


  19. Oh Yes You Can!

    Oh Yes You Can!

    January Challenge #7 - Artsy/Mixed Media — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/january-challenge-7-artsy-mixed-media.36843/ This page is my way of getting myself psychologically ready to start yoga again after being very lazy for -hmmmmm-- more than a couple of years ;) I used many of the...
  20. Challenge #7 - january 2023

    Challenge #7 - january 2023

    I'm looking for answers, a new way of living. The old wrings on all sides and no longer suffices. I'm tired of running, flying and always having to perform. To wake up dead tired after 8 hours of shallow and restless sleep. To be lived. Being trapped in the past, because my head keeps bringing...