1. All is green in march

    All is green in march

    Created with : "52 inspirations 2023 -mix of designers" + "Plantable" by Foxeysquirrel
  2. Tell me a fantastic storybook !

    Tell me a fantastic storybook !

    Created with : "Fantastical Steampunk" by itKuPiLLi Imagenarium and "Secret Garden" by Foxeysquirrel
  3. Beauty of nature will soon Renew

    Beauty of nature will soon Renew

    Realized with : "A Moonlit Night" & "Through Her Eyes" & "Summer Of Love" & "Artsy Stash 1" by JoyfulHeart and "One Zee- collection" & "Idelisa" by Foxeysquirrel My own WA using the WORD of the challenge : "RENEW". (In the dark part, you can discover a black and white face in the tracery!)
  4. The magic is you

    The magic is you

    Created with : "Magic is You"- Color Play 2023 - by Sweet Doll and "Watercolor brush" & "Darby" by Foxeysquirrel Picture ST Etsy
  5. Day 9_Lifting Webfrau's Page

    Day 9_Lifting Webfrau's Page

    Created with : "Story Starter" & "Field Note stamps" by Vicki Robinson and "Kindered Spirit" & "Griselda" by Vicki Stegall and "Idelisa" by Foxeysquirrel
  6. Tell me a story with Teddi

    Tell me a story with Teddi

    created with : "One Zee 4-10-14-15" by Foxeysquirrel
  7. Let them Smile

    Let them Smile

    I created this piece with several products by Foxeysquirrel and called it "Let them Smile" The face I used is Faded People vol. 1 by Foxeysquirrel. The lace is Twisted Lace by Foxexsquirrel. I also used her Surface Covering Element Pack. And I used more parts from kits from her to make this...
  8. An old page of tale

    An old page of tale

    Created with : "Margaret" & "Tender Backgrounds" by Foxeysquirrel and "LazySummer Papercuts" by NataliDesigns and "Torn papers 01" by Karen Schultz and "Forever This" by Vicky Stegall and a personnal text. For the challenge "Story Book"


    Made for the September AJ Challenge Week 3 | The Full Moon https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-art-journal-challenge-3-full-moon.38362/#post-677468 Photo of the moon is my own. :) Created with Oscraps products: Lynne Anzelc products: Autumn Returns A Scrap of Autumn A Scrap of...
  10. Message to a friend

    Message to a friend

    Created with "Barely" and "Heaven Sent" by Foxeysquirrel
  11. Orangeade


    Created with "Orangeade" by Foxeysquirrel
  12. Nights in white satin

    Nights in white satin

    Nights in white satin - My lady in white - Created with Several Foxeysquirrel's kits
  13. Terrifying place

    Terrifying place

    Created for "Love the Dark Side", JHD's challenge. Using paper "A Moonlight night" and "Stamps and Stuff - Beauty Grunge" and "Colorcrush 68" by JoyfufHeart designs & "Fantastic Steampunk" by itKuPiLLi & "Raven's Nevemore" by Foxeysquirrel (saled in another shop)+ image Pixabay
  14. Moodboard


    Using : "Simply Spring-collab" + "One Zee vol 19" by foxeysquirrel and Lynn Grieveson for the challenge "Moodboard" of september.
  15. purple


    Other than the background paper, each layer has its own blending mode. That way I was able to keep each element in the same color scheme even though they came from different kits.
  16. Autumn soon

    Autumn soon

    Realized for the challenge "Art Journaling-week 4-Harvest". Created with "Asteria" by Foxeysquirrel and "Harvest Moon Rising" kit by Lynne Anzelc
  17. A gift from Jenn

    A gift from Jenn

    Created with a Jenn's paper ( gift) and Foxeysquirrel
  18. OneZee vol 26-23-21-19

    OneZee vol 26-23-21-19

    Créé avec "ONE ZEE-Vol 26" par Foxeysquirrel. Mélangé avec d'autres volumes de la collection.
  19. Feeling Blue

    Feeling Blue

    I duplicated the file and then desaturated the top layer of the child. Then I used a layer mask to brush a tiny amount of color back in. I used Color Overlay to change the balloon from Red to Blue
  20. in a summer day

    in a summer day

    Created with : "Summer Solstice" & "Flower Essence" by Foxeysquirrel