1. The Fairy, Her Pig, Sheep and Capricorn Goat on a Summer's Day

    The Fairy, Her Pig, Sheep and Capricorn Goat on a Summer's Day

    I love blues and it's been so hot here, 100+ temperatures, that water and blues always appeal. The clouds are my own. I used Magical Reality Designs for background and elements (Secret Woodlands) Foxey Squirrel's Imagine Sheep
  2. Silent People - very moved.

    Silent People - very moved.

    Using "Silent People" & "Shanley" & "Imagine" and other Teddi's kits.
  3. She Watches

    She Watches

    New items from Foxeysquirrel
  4. Twilight Song.jpg

    Twilight Song.jpg

  5. Tweeters.jpg


  6. Spring Wind.jpg

    Spring Wind.jpg

  7. Muse.jpg


  8. Royal Portrait

    Royal Portrait

    For this LO I copied the style of portraits of the gentry with their pets, this time the roles are reversed. ;) First I ran the royal bird through Topaz Studio using an oil painting filter. After I made the entire page I flattened all the layers and used Filters>Paint Daubs before adding the frame
  9. Who Me?

    Who Me?

    I duplicated the clipping mask andfFlipped it Horizontal to create the wings for my kelpie. I used a low opacity brush on a layer mask to soften the edges of the kelpie so her wings showed through,
  10. Queen's Jubilee

    Queen's Jubilee

    I am in love with the Modern Jazz Papers and the one I chose as a background made me think of a lavish royal banner. I used two of the Royal Pets to imagine what a Jubilee for animals might look like.
  11. Underwater Man

    Underwater Man

    I made a scene of a man totally oblivious that he is sitting underwater while the fish wants to know what he is doing!
  12. 03.jpg


  13. 02.jpg


    Background from Temptation, I blended the face and the buildings and put them in the Air Pocket I then added the crack from Edgy Overlay
  14. Hymn fo rthe Hurting

    Hymn fo rthe Hurting

    New designs from Foxeysquirrel I made this after the shooting in Uvalde. The face, paired with Amanda Gorman's beautifully heartwrenching words, captured my sadness. I used bubbles from the kit Unsinkable to create the flowing tears
  15. FS Kelpie 2

    FS Kelpie 2

    Another Kelpie Gal: I layered the "neon" paper (No 4) over the more muted background (No 3) using Hard Light which gave it the bright light effect. I put two edgy overlays between the papers blending them with Vivid Light. The Kelpie is blended using Hard Light.
  16. Idelisa 02.jpg

    Idelisa 02.jpg

  17. Idelisa.jpg


    I had fun creating the background for this roguish fellow. To poke fun at the insolent facial expression I added some 'friends'.
  18. Kelpie Gals+ Botanical Gardens.jpg

    Kelpie Gals+ Botanical Gardens.jpg

    I couldn't resist using the Kelpie gals image along with the Modern Jazz background. The swirls embrace the image rising out of the Botanical Garden flowers.
  19. FS-Imagine


    More new products by Foxeysquirrel Many of the papers in Modern Jazz Backgrounds 2 reminded me of the Fibonacci sequence and beauty. That worked incredibly well with the gorgeous Kelpie Gals. The one I chose was extremely regal and made me imagine what the world would be like if ruled by a...
  20. Shaken Not Stirred

    Shaken Not Stirred

    New kits by Foxeysquirrel One of the neatest things about using Foxeysquirrel's designs is that I never know how my brain is going to interpret them. I began by trying the different overlays on the blue paper and Edge Overlay 6 looked sort of like a martini glass to me. Why not put the woman...