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  • Hi Ona.
    I had to wait to post my last pages in Gallery (for what seemed like an eternity) as I had exceeded my upload limit. I managed to put copies of my pages in the specific threads (6 in all) and have now posted in the Gallery and inserted the links in the threads and my tracking thread, all be it a day late. Hope my pages will still be considered for acceptance as they were all originally completed by May 31st! Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Broomy.
    I think I sent you a message, in response to your message to me, regarding "user guidelines". I have corrected, as requested. I continue to have challenges submitting, "image too large". Clearly its me, I loose information in the process of re posting. Sorry for this oversight, hope this does not influence your letting me post future images. Yogikate (Kate)
    Hey! I sent 3 messages but I am not seeing it as sent. Checking that you got the link for the template???
    Hi Ona!
    I'm back again designing! OMG it's been so long.
    Any chance I could get you to use my new scrapbook
    kit to create a few pages for the gallery and previews.
    It's not finished yet...a week or two before I begin to preview it.
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