1. After Hurricane Dorian

    After Hurricane Dorian

    I used et design's new collection, Seaside, to scrap these pictures from 2019. I blended two of my photos into one of the papers from the kit to make the background. It was very dark, windy and rainy for two days, but as soon as the winds stopped, we headed out to the beach.
  2. Seaside


    et designs has a beautiful new kit in the store; the Seaside Collection. This kit was perfect for scrapping this picture of my youngest daughter and youngest grandson in 2013. I blended my beach photo into one of the papers in the kit to make my background.
  3. Beach House

    Beach House

    Erin Wright's (our newest Guest Designer) Beach House Kit is part of the May Color Play Collection. I added in one of my own photographs of the ocean and did a lot of blending around that. I also blended two different patterned papers for my background. This is a beautiful collection and...
  4. beach vibes

    beach vibes

  5. beach house

    beach house

  6. stay a little while

    stay a little while

    AnnaColor Challenge 04.14.2023-04.27.2023
  7. Ocean Stirs the Heart - March Art Journal Challenge 1

    Ocean Stirs the Heart - March Art Journal Challenge 1

    I used two of my own photos. At the bottom is a photo of the sand from a local beach. I added a white layer mask to the photo and then used a black to transparent gradient on the layer mask to blend the photo and use only the portion I wanted. The blend mode was then changed to darker color...
  8. Windswept.jpg


    Background starters are a great way to build a scenic page. You can bring them up to the foreground or fade them away in the distance for completely different looks. Add a background paper, mask off the parts you don't want and add the focus.
  9. Soul Moving

    Soul Moving

  10. Best Day Everrr

    Best Day Everrr

  11. Gone to Paradise

    Gone to Paradise

  12. Let's be Pirates !

    Let's be Pirates !

  13. Splash


  14. 23-02_lgrieveson_prefab_pockets_nordland


  15. Just Dreaming

    Just Dreaming

    Made for a template challenge, we had to use 2 bit from the template. Border is made from a stitch strip, and frame was made by cutting down a long piece of swirly rope. Everything else is Secret Cove by Lynne Anzelc photo pexels
  16. H2O


  17. King Splash

    King Splash

  18. Let's Go

    Let's Go

    Sometimes one is just this lucky!
  19. Beach Day?

    Beach Day?

  20. 23-01_O_January-Challenge-#1-Color-palette


    January Challenge #1 - Color palette https://oscraps.com/community/threads/january-challenge-1-color-palette.36842/#post-651573