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  1. Ocean Stirs the Heart - March Art Journal Challenge 1

    Ocean Stirs the Heart - March Art Journal Challenge 1

    I used two of my own photos. At the bottom is a photo of the sand from a local beach. I added a white layer mask to the photo and then used a black to transparent gradient on the layer mask to blend the photo and use only the portion I wanted. The blend mode was then changed to darker color...
  2. Dream Without Fear

    Dream Without Fear

    Created for the March Art Journaling Challenge #1. The background is an actual photograph of my youngest granddaughter and her instructor deep sea diving. My oldest granddaughter was also down there, documenting everything with her underwater camera. I used a photo technique on the main image...


    All products are from Oscraps: Flamboyance kit - January'23 Color Play | Viva Artistry Photo: My eldest granddaughter quite a few years ago now. Process steps: I created the layout using stamps for the background and adding a border overlay which I then duplicated and changed it to white. I...


    All products are from Oscraps: January'23 Color Play - Color Crush #64 | Joyful Heart Designs January'23 Color Play - Flamboyance | Vivaartstry Designs Photo: Stock/Pixabay Photo treatment: Various photo editing programs merged together. Quote is from Pinterest Process steps: I used Joyful...
  5. Love Matters

    Love Matters

    For the journal notebook, I copied out the white paper on the left side. I clipped the green paper from ViVa Artistry to that white paper. I then clipped a pink paper from Joyful Heart Designs and set the blend mode to Hard Light. Finally,I clipped a green paper from Joyful Heart Designs and set...
  6. flamazing


  7. Flamboyance


    New in the Oscraps store: Flamboyance Kit from Viva Artistry. Also part of the January, 2023 Color Play Collection. https://www.oscraps.com/shop/color-play-digital-scrapbook-deals-01-jan-2023/
  8. Let's Flamingle

    Let's Flamingle

    2023 January Color Play
  9. Be A Flamingo

    Be A Flamingo

    2023 January Color Play
  10. I <3 Flamingos

    I <3 Flamingos

    The title was created using the Abril Fatface font. For the "I". I added a small bevel and then clipped a paper to the "I". For "flamingos", I clipped a paper to the font and then added a 15px white stroke.
  11. Viva Artistry Chinese New Year

    Viva Artistry Chinese New Year

    Viva Artistry, Chinese New Year - The Year of The Rabbit (Tuzi) is new in the Oscrap's store. I blended the image into the background paper, to begin, then added the elements. Photograph: from Pixabay
  12. Contemplation.jpg


  13. Lunar New Year.jpg

    Lunar New Year.jpg

    This kit is just in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations.
  14. 17 december

    17 december

    In the morning I go shopping with Robbe and Timon. I don't like doing that on Saturday, but there was no time earlier this week. Today is Benjamin's birthday and we can have coffee and cake around 4 pm. For the rest it will be a quiet Saturday evening, guys watch a movie and I work on the photo...
  15. Day 3

    Day 3

    For the Use the same photo challenge I love this challenge. When you see how many styles have been created with this same photo it is amazing! I have used different techniques. I first clipped the photo in a mask (you don't see much of it anymore) On each layer of the mask (there were many...
  16. Day 3 Use The Same Photo

    Day 3 Use The Same Photo

    What a fun challenge. The challenge is to use the same photo, which is provided by Pixabay. I used the kit Sleigh Ride by Viva Artistry.
  17. sleigh ride

    sleigh ride

    Sleigh Ride by Viva Artistry Picture pixabay thanks for looking
  18. The Road To Bali

    The Road To Bali

    Viva Artistry The Road To Bali is now in The Oscraps Store.
  19. August Challenge 1.png

    August Challenge 1.png

    Challenge 1 Different Sizes- siggie
  20. Bali Sunset.jpg

    Bali Sunset.jpg

    Peaceful, rejuvenating splendour of a sunset in Bali.