#lorie davison

  1. Border Winter Chall

    Border Winter Chall

    Created with : "Snowflakes" by Lirue Davison and "Vintage Christmas" & "Angel Wings" by Lynne Anzelc
  2. Avatar december 23

    Avatar december 23

    Created with Lorie Davison : " Drifting Snow Dreams -Snowflakes" by Lorie Davison Character AHW
  3. where-am-i


    For the Storybook-Fantasy Challenge at Oscraps, you are welcome to play along here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-3-storybook-fantasy.38376/ There was a young sheepboy of Rye, Who was baked by mistake in a pie. To his mother’s disgust, He emerged through the crust...


    Made for the September AJ Challenge Week 3 | The Full Moon https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-art-journal-challenge-3-full-moon.38362/#post-677468 Photo of the moon is my own. :) Created with Oscraps products: Lynne Anzelc products: Autumn Returns A Scrap of Autumn A Scrap of...
  5. I Choose Faith

    I Choose Faith

    Created for the September Art Journal Challenge #3 - Full Moon.
  6. Through a Window #5

    Through a Window #5

    LDavison Journey, Hoppin, You Make My Heart Sing, Prince of the City,
  7. Charm


    Made for the August Challenge #6 - 52 Inspirations.
  8. Winter_Art Journaling

    Winter_Art Journaling

    realized with : "Drifting Snow Dreams" by Lorie Davison to participate at the challenge "Art Journaling - July - #1"
  9. You make my heart sing

    You make my heart sing

    52 Inspirations 2023 No 26 You Make My Heart Sing Kit by Lorie Davison Picture pixabay thanks for looking
  10. making-music.


    For the July Border challenge at Oscraps, join uw here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-2-border.37869/
  11. Pussy Cat

    Pussy Cat

    Made for the June Challenge #2 - Storybook
  12. June-Challenge-#2-Storybook_ROW-ROW-ROW-YOUR-BOAT


    la-yellowstone kit (eagle, house, smoke, cows, background paper) la-shutterbug kit (camera, photographer) la-lilypond kit (boat) la-forest friends kit (hedgehog, chipmunk, fox) Scenes from the studio Summer No. 1 with squirrels kit (squirrels, oar, 2 overlays)
  13. Relax


    Somewhere Near The Sea (with everything in it) by Lorie Davison 52 Inspirations 2019 No 47 Mixed Media Stamps by Vicki Robinson
  14. Dogwoods.jpg


  15. Hoppy-Easter


    The Bouncing Brownies and Bunnies Kit Collection (With Everything in it) by Lorie Davison
  16. Time-Is-Limited


    This was done for challenge 6: quote challenge The Poet's Keepsakes (with everything in it!) by Lorie Davison


    Created for March Art Journal Challenge 1 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-art-journaling-challenge-1.37286/ Unsinkable - Foxeysqurirrel Unsinkable (now retired) - Vicki Stegall Design Treasures I Found in My Brain While Wandering in the Woods 10 Clusters | Lorie Davison Treasures I...
  18. DAY 12: 2022 In Review

    DAY 12: 2022 In Review

  19. DAY 9: Believe In The Magic Of Christmas

    DAY 9: Believe In The Magic Of Christmas

  20. Winter emergence

    Winter emergence

    Challenge "12 days of december" _ #day 9-Art Doll Dess Up Realized with : "Angel Wings" by Lynne Anzelc & "Drifting Snow Dreams" by Lorie Davison