anna aspnes

  1. November Challenge 4 Fonts Little Red Hen.jpg

    November Challenge 4 Fonts Little Red Hen.jpg

    I thought a little red hen would be fun to celebrate turkey day, she is happy and thankful she is not on the menu. She is Janeen and lays green eggs when not moulting. aA palette La Amoure paper 3, transfers, aA Project Template from Project 2023 aA palette Autumn Romance, transfers and...
  2. AnnaLift FadeAway Challenge.jpg

    AnnaLift FadeAway Challenge.jpg

    Anna Lift Challenge 12.17 12.01 Fading Away is a small still life photo taken by myself. The end of this years flowering blue Rose of Sharon. Old pages, fading blooms and memories in a cool feel. The flower is set in an old tin among vintage papers and book. The flower falls free of the...
  3. AnnaLift autumn 11-17.jpg

    AnnaLift autumn 11-17.jpg

    An autumn walk about in the back yard, sun still shining but not for long, the cold is upon us. I used a bit of Daffodil and Autumn Romance. These are giant nuts from our walnut trees with some nice found feathers. I enjoy small still life photography, have not done a lift in years, so fun and...
  4. AnnaColorNov.18sm.jpg


    AASPN ARTplay Palette Beautiful AASPN Artplay Palette Notabilia AASPN 12x12 Overlays 6-1 AASPN Skinny Lined Overlays 4-3 AASPN Sciptease Nature 1-7 AASPN Hipster Plume Edges 4-4
  5. challenge 6

    challenge 6

    For the Big photo challenge This is Charlie, my daughter's dog, isn't she cute ... I used : Reflection by Natali design Fotoblendz overlay n°4 by Anna Aspnes Time wordart mix 2 by Anna Aspnes thanks for looking
  6. AnnaColorGrow.jpg


    Sunflower from Pixabay.AASPN_Lightleaks1_6 AASPN_GrowWA1_5 AASPN_Spatters _14
  7. So Pretty

    So Pretty

    This design was very much inspired by this page by @chocochoco https://oscraps.com/community/media/worth.384536/#xfmg-comment-1349226 Photo part of class assets I have access to ArtPlay Uncanny Collection (new release available as a collection for a limited time) ArtPlay Palette Uncanny (pine...
  8. Expect Miracles

    Expect Miracles

    Take Flight No 2 (brush 7) The Daily Texture (textures from Beyond, Captured Spirit and MS-Landscapes) Lynn Anzelc: Lynn Anzelc and Ann Brown Cottage Living (lamp 1) Country Roads (cat) Safari Add-on (tree 2) Tea Garden (grass) (can’t find product in shop) Placed landscape background as my...
  9. Turn Into Enough

    Turn Into Enough

    Photo part of class assets I have access to ArtPlay Uncanny Collection (new release available as a collection for a limited time) ArtPlay Palette Uncanny (pattern paper 3, solid paper 5, typewriter) Multimedia Uncanny No 1 (element 1) Blessings Wordart No 2 (wordart 6) Notebook No 2 (brush 4)...
  10. Creepin It Curious

    Creepin It Curious

    Cat photo part of class assets I have access to ArtPlay Uncanny Collection (new release available as a collection for a limited time) ArtPlay Palette Uncanny (crackle paint 1) Multimedia Uncanny No 1 (element 1) Uncanny Artsy Layered Template Uncanny Fotoblendz No 1 (mask 3) Uncanny Wordart Mix...
  11. AnnaColorLiftOct23.jpg


    AASPN Artsy Transfer Deciduous transfer 3, Solid Paper 2 Artplay palette Remarkable Solid paper 1, brush 6 Artplay Lateritious Flower FITD3D-_7 AASPNSPlatter12_8 French Ephemera 2, 12
  12. Beautiful Moments

    Beautiful Moments

    ArtPlay Evanescent Collection (on sale as a collection until October 25/23 9 am EST) ArtPlay Palette Evanescent (solid paper 1, splatter) Artsy Transfers Evanescent (transfers 1 & 5) Moments WordArt No 1 (wordart 8) Labeled 2 (1B) Stitched LoopDaLoops White No 1 (version 3, messy with shadow)...
  13. 23-10_AnnaLift-Challenge


    AnnaLift Challenge 10.06.23 - 10.20.23 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annalift-challenge-10-06-23-10-20-23.38496/
  14. Funny Robin

    Funny Robin

    ArtPlay Urbicolous Collection (new release available as a collection for a limited time) ArtPlay Palette Urbicolous (artsy paper 3, transfer 2) City WordArt Clusters No 1 (element 5) Multimedia City No 1 (element 1) FotoInspired Template Pack No 3D (template 6) Used artsy paper for my base...
  15. 23-10_AnnaColor-Challenge


    AnnaColor Challenge 10.06.2023 - 10.19.2023 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-10-06-2023-10-19-2023.38489/
  16. Birds Of Prey

    Birds Of Prey

    ArtPlay Feuillemort Collection (on sale as a collection until October 18/23 9am EST) ArtPlay Palette Feuillemort (artsy paper 2, brushes 8 & 11, button gold, solid paper 5, leaf charm, twigs) Autumn WordART Mix No 4 (WA Colour of this, WT Familiarity, WW Fall) FotoInspired Template Pack No 3D...
  17. Stonehenge


    ArtPlay Mini Palette Terraqueous (FWP until midnight Oct 9/23 CST) (solid paper 3, button white pearlescent, edge 1, paper 2, splatter 1, transfer 1, flossy threads, brushes 4, 7 and 8) Fotoblendz Overlays 22 (mask3) Inspire WordArt Mix No 1 (WT spectacular, WA spectacular landscapes) (40% off...
  18. Fall Grasses

    Fall Grasses

    ArtPlay Autumn Romance Collection (on sale until 9 am EST October 11/23) ArtPlay Palette Autumn Romance (artsy paper 3, button yellow, LW seasonal revelry, overlay 2, frame, thread) Autumn Word Mix No 1 (subtle quotes 1, beaded threadz – thread only) Gold Leaves No 4 (leaf 6) Autumn Romance...
  19. AnnaColorLiftOct23sm.jpg


    AASPN LightLeaks1_6 AASP- Artplay Palette Ochre Leaves, Transfer 2 AASPN Spatters AASPN Live Words Art Transfer1-HarmonyA My Photo
  20. Life Is Magic

    Life Is Magic

    ArtPlay Amidst Collection (on sale until Wednesday, October 2, 2023) ArtPlay Palette Amidst (artsy paper 4, charm, flower) Artsy Transfers Amidst (transfer 5) Multimedia Accordian No 1 (element 3) Painted Leaves No 3 (leaf 4) Splatters No 16 (spatter 13) (on sale as part of the Brushset Bundle...