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  1. Anna Aspnes APP Brumal - Trees

    Anna Aspnes APP Brumal - Trees

    Artplay Brumal Collection – (on sale for a limited time) Artplay Palette Brumal (artsy paper 4, transfer 7, twine, snowflake, button navy) (Brushset) Trees No. 5 (brush 3) Winter WordArt Mix No. 2 (WT brumal, WA so beautiful, metal So) Stitched by Anna Borders No. 2 (12X12Mixed) Created new...
  2. January Anna Color Challenge

    January Anna Color Challenge

    One of my favorite color palettes. I wanted to use these fun pictures of my granddaughters and this color palette worked perfectly!! I used Art Play Twizzle, Distressed Frames 6 and Urban Stitches 14.
  3. Sun Comes Shining

    Sun Comes Shining

  4. Cardinals


    Monthly Review Template Album No. 6 (pg 7) Artplay Palette Wellspring (solid paper 3) Artplay Palette Verdure (edge overlay 1, button gold) Artplay Palette Vie (lace white, LW the beauty, vine leaves) Artplay Palette Viaggio (edge overlay) Created new 12x12” document and placed solid paper 3...
  5. 22-01_AnnaLIFT01


    AnnaLift Challenge January 01.21.2022 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annalift-challenge-january-01-21-2022.34777/
  6. aA APP Inkling - Flutterby

    aA APP Inkling - Flutterby

    Inspired by several creations by Dorci Artplay Inkling Collection – (on sale for a limited time) Artplay Palette Inkling (solid paper 1, transfer 8, brush 5transfer 2, overlay 1 Artplay Palette Ambages (solid paper 4) Inkling WordArt Mix 1 (BT Inkling, WT touch, WA Enjoy little things)...


    My page for the January 2022 challenge no.3: colorpalette. Everything used is by Anna Aspnes. (Ao Memento & Heath Artplay palettes & several loose packs)
  8. aA APP Noetic - Paletta Park

    aA APP Noetic - Paletta Park

    Artplay Noetic Collection – (no longer available as a collection) Artplay Palette Noetic (artsy paper 5, brushes 4 and 16, pressed flower, dried grass, button brown, button flower neutral, LW Life is beautiful) Noetic Fotoblendz No. 1 (mask 2) Remember WordArt Mix 3 (WT Forth, WW Love, WA In...
  9. Dog Sampler - Porter

    Dog Sampler - Porter

    Cell phone photo given to me. Canvas overlay from another designer Artplay Palette Autumn Haze (solid paper-cocoa) Framed Masks No. 4 (frame 3) Dog Sampler No. 1 (paws brush, paw ribbon, dog bone, leather bow) Dog Wordart Mix 1 (word 8) Artist Edge Overlays No. 9 (overlay 1) Design with Brushes...
  10. aA Project2021 pg20-21

    aA Project2021 pg20-21

    Page 20 Artplay Palette Beach (solid papers 4 and 2) Artplay Palette Salty Living (flip flop, brad 1) Multimedia Balloons No. 3 (element 3) Project Template Album No. 5 (20) Project 2021 –Wordart22 Page 21 Artplay Palette Beach (solid paper2) Artplay Palette Salty Living (WA ocean heaven and...
  11. Project2021-pg22-23_CharleneMitchell_2000.jpg


    Page 22 Artplay Palette Salty Living (artsy paper 5) Artplay Palette Snapshot (LW Single Moment, brad 3, LW Heart photos) Project Template Album No. 5 (22) Project 2021 –Wordart25 Page 23 Artplay Palette Salty Living (artsy paper 5) Paper Textures No. 3 (texture 6) Artplay Palette Sea Life (LW...
  12. APPAutumnCheer-RedPanda_CharleneMitchell_1000.jpg


    Photo, bamboo leaves and bamboo texture from Pixabay Artplay Palette Autumn Cheer (artsy paper 3, frame, LW big fun) Artsy Transfers Autumn Cheer (transfer 2) Play Wordart No. 2 (word 6) aA Brushes Sampler (not sure where they're from) Created new 10x8” document and brought in artsy paper as...
  13. Oscraps Signature

    Oscraps Signature

    I used Anna Aspnes Art Palette Amidst.
  14. 22-01_AnnaCOLOR01


    AnnaColor Challenge 01.05.2022 - 01.20.2022 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-01-05-2022-01-20-2022.34761/
  15. Anna--Lift- Challenge--Everything is Beautiful

    Anna--Lift- Challenge--Everything is Beautiful

    Days of storms can turn into rainbows. Love storms and rainbows. I added lots of textures, foto blends, lights on dark days. I played with color on the countryside picture. I'm not really that great at "coloring" items that aren't already colored, so that was fun.
  16. Artplay Palette Fare-FrenchCheese

    Artplay Palette Fare-FrenchCheese

    Photo not mine but I have permission to use it Artplay Fare Collection (on sale until early January 12, 2022) Artplay Palette Fare (artsy paper 4, ribbon, herb, button stripe, LW nourish soul, citrus, gold paint 1) Framed Masks No. 9 (mask 4) Food WordArt Mix No. 1 (wordart 3) 12x12 Artist Edge...
  17. 22-01_sewing-club


    Created using January Featured Products
  18. 2022 Visions And Dreams

    2022 Visions And Dreams

    I'm sure this will come back and hunt me in 12 months. LOL
  19. The Sun Comes Shining Through

    The Sun Comes Shining Through

    For January Challenge #7 - Lyrics & Poems Lyrics used: The Sun Comes Shining Through from Just The Two Of Us by Bill Withers, Grover Washington, Jr. Using: ArtPlay Palette Sol Happiness WordTransfers No. 1 A Scrap of Yellow A Long December Art Dolls
  20. MamaCona


    For AnnaLift Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annalift-challenge.34544/ Credits: Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette and portion of template Yuletide, ArtPlay Palette Noetic https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Anna-Aspnes-Designs-c-383/