2022-07 Rachel Jefferies July Mixed Media Challenge***CLOSED***WINNER ANNOUNCED****

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Hello my friends! Can you believe the year is officially half way over?? I feel like time is just speeding by! Hopefully, it isn't going by to fast and HOPEFULLY I can help inspire you to pause a moment and join in on this challenge with me!

For July, our challenge will be to create a Rachel Designer Mash Up BUT with a twist:
  • at least 50% of your layout should consist of Rachel's Designs that are currently available in her Oscraps Shop and the remaining should be from a Designer here at Oscraps, (example: if your layout has 10 layers, then at least 5 layers has to be Rachel's Designs and the other remaining layers from a Designer of your choice from Oscraps).
  • Here's the twist: The designs selected should create an opposite/contrasting effect: (example: if one designer has a rainy themed kit you use, then the contrasting designs should be sunshine; Happy with sad; mixed media with traditional; messy with clean; light and dark, etc).
  • it is preferred that the layout is created with as close to a 50/50 designer split as possible but there is room to change the dynamics of the split a little as long as at least half of the layout is using Rachel’s Designs that are currently available here at Oscraps
  • for the layout to be eligible for the coupon drawing: list the total number of elements/papers used from each designer is required (ex: Rachel Jefferies Designs: 1 paper, 3 flowers, 2 stamps, etc; Scrap Designer of your Choice: 2 blended papers and 2 leaves, 1 ribbon, 1 word strip, etc)
  • Use of a template is acceptable, if the template includes a paper or embellishments (such as threads, stitches, stamps etc.) please note these will need to be included when counting your layers for the relevant designer.
  • Collabs are NOT permitted for this challenge.

Here's a layout created by me:
I used Rachel's Be Kind and mashed it up with Natali Design's Summer Sunshine. I chose these 2 because their colors are contrasting and almost opposite each other on the color wheel. Rachel's kit is moodier with some rain & grunge and Natali's is bright with sunshine.

I used a total of 20 elements/papers by Rachel: journaling strip x 2, flowers x5, foliage x 1, bird x 1, clouds x2, messy thread x1, rainbow x1, rain drops x 5, paper piece x 1. paper hole overlay x1

I used a total of 17 elements/papers by Natali Design: waterdrops x2, window frame overlay x 1, balloons x2, stamp line overlay x2, flowers x 3, blackberry x1, raffia/wheat grass x1, bow x1, string x1, scatter x1, background paper x1


Here's another example from the Team:
by @Dady

Challenge Requirements:

* Create a new scrapbook layout using at least 50% of Rachel's Designs currently available in her Oscraps Shop and one other Oscraps Designer's Designs.
* Upload your layout to the Rachel Jefferies Designs Gallery at Oscraps and list the designs used in your credits.
* For your challenge entry to be counted, you MUST upload your finished layout to this thread and include the total number of elements/papers used for each designer. Please link your thread to your gallery image as it helps us leave love on your layout (and, validate your project).
* No double-dipping…your layout must be used for this challenge only, no others.
* This challenge will remain open until July 31, 2022

  • ONE lucky random winner will receive a $8.00 coupon for Rachel's Shop here at Oscraps!
  • For even more chances to win a prize, you can also submit this layout for Rachel's Red Carpet game found in the O Games forum.

If you have any questions just tag me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to seeing your layouts!
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This got hard the minute I realized I had to use the slide film stamp fragment a zillion times to make a frame because I needed it to be from Rachel's kit, and no clue how to count it. :D

Rachel Jefferies: Soulangeana paper, paintchip, stampfragment, staples, stars, texturedpaint (6)
Anna Aspnes: Aoristic paper, artsytransfer, wordtransfer, polka dots brush, mm salute stitchez, wordart (6)

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Fab challenge! Loved the idea of mashing Rachel's kits with another designer.

I chose Brocante by Maya De Groot - amazing kit and I used it for the light parts of my layout. For Rachel I used her collab with Studio Basic 'T is for Together'.

Rachel - x1 stamp, x2 paper pieces, x1 paper, x2 foliage, x2 flowers, x1 messy thread, x1 mask = 10
Maya - x1 paper, x2 flowers, x1 birdcage, x1 ribbon, x2 birds, x1 glitter string, x1 arrow, x1 doily = 10



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Here's mine
I used from Rachel I'm Somewhere In between in which I used a total of 6 elements/paper :
detail : 1 paper - 1 paper piece - 2 prompt - 1 messy thread - 1 ephemera
I used from Jopke Courage in which I used a total of 6 elements/paper :
detail : 1 paper - 1 splash - 1 Butterfly - 1 WA - 1 Heart - 1 brush



all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Finally got around to do this challenge - I've combined Rachel & Joyful Heart Designs:

Used Riding the Rails and misc packs from JHD. The contrast is that Rachel's kit is very city themed & the stuff from Joyful Heart Designs are very nature themed.

RJ - 10 layers
Photo mat (cut out from a paper)
2 pieces of tape
Paper ephemera
Paper flower x3
Map brush
Track transfer

JHD - 10 layers
Background Paper
Paper twig x3
3 Hearts
Scalloped page divider
Heart Frame
Set of 5 paper strips (one element)


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Congrats to @Amandajk for winning the July Mixed Media Challenge. Check your inbox here at oscraps with the coupon details!!

Thank you all for your fabulous and inspiring layouts!!!!!
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