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  1. Still in my heart

    Still in my heart

    I made a bitmap version (image- modus- bitmap, Only works with a grayscale image) of a photo of my late dog Wolf and applied the texturize filter with a custom texture (good old puzzle.psd). I clipped another version of the same photo and blended in the photo Made with Fab color stuff from...
  2. Challenge 2.jpg

    Challenge 2.jpg

    I started with papers from Karen Shultz and Joyful Hearts and blended them so that the movement of the top paper was lightened by the bottom one. I add the the clusters behind the top paper and the image behind the clusters. The effect gave a watery look to the page. At least that was the aim. :)
  3. Camera Shy

    Camera Shy

  4. Daydreamer.jpg


    Blending becomes easy when you start with a paper from Joyful Heart Designs and add a character and background from Lynne Anzelc.
  5. Color Crush 62 (3).jpg

    Color Crush 62 (3).jpg

    Fantastic papers to start off a layout!
  6. color crush 62 (2).jpg

    color crush 62 (2).jpg

  7. Color Crush 62.jpg

    Color Crush 62.jpg

    Joyful Heart Designs Color Crush 62 papers are a super way to start off a layout. Using the foral grunge page I then created a mask using stamps from Palvinka and Viva Artistry then clipped the image to that. The paper was so well done that I didn't need anything else!
  8. Effen


    The latest Fab colors are released. I chose the stunning papers from Joyful Heart (and those from Viva Artistry I used layer mask to cut those stunning flowesr


    All products from Oscraps: July'22 Color Play products: Color Crush 62 (floral grunge) | Joyful Heart Designs Color Crush 62 (shabby gradients) | Joyful Heart Designs Color Crush 62 (shabby solids) | Joyful Heart Designs ------------------------------------------------ Outdoorsy {the kit} |...


    All products by Joyful Heart Designs at Oscraps: July'22 Color Play products: Color Crush 62 (floral grunge) Color Crush 62 (shabby gradients) Color Crush 62 (shabby solids) ------------------------------- Artsy Overlays (one) Color Crush 42 (artsy bits) FREEBIE Outdoorsy {the kit} Photo: My own
  11. Eva And Poche

    Eva And Poche

  12. July Challenge #6.jpg

    July Challenge #6.jpg

    I took my cues from hildy's gallery entry 'Lecture' . I used the block letter F to give information about the Betta Fish.
  13. 52 Inspirations Challenge #3.jpg

    52 Inspirations Challenge #3.jpg

  14. Learning To Fly

    Learning To Fly

    Seriously! Do yourself a favor and check out Joyful Heart Designs background papers. They are soooo amazing!
  15. Monkey-Business Color Play Challenge

    Monkey-Business Color Play Challenge

    This was fun. I have a lot of Joyful Heart Designs colors, but haven't really used them too much. So this was great! I loved Foxey Squirrels elements that added to the layout in such a cool way.
  16. March Challenge #6.jpg

    March Challenge #6.jpg

    A little nod to the Ukraine. The national flower is the sunflower. - place a large photo as the background - add different overlays to the sky and field - masked large sunflower - side strips to represent Ukrainian flag - clusters - simple Word Art/title
  17. March Challenge #4 Color Play.jpg

    March Challenge #4 Color Play.jpg

    Making new backgrounds from a number of different papers and masks is a lot of fun. Here I combined 3 of Joyful Heart's Color Crush 60 papers using masks made of paint splotches and brushes. The photo was masked and elements placed. I used sketch elements to add interest and depth behind the...
  18. Challenge-#6.jpg


  19. everyday love

    everyday love

    September 2021 - Challenge #1 - Creative Photo Editing
  20. Wolf-Howl-In


    Created this for the August Challenge 2--a poster announcing a Wolf Howl-In. They have them at some wolf reserves. This is Boltz, an omego wolf of the pack at The International Wolf Center, Ely, Minnesota. Though we didn't go to a Wolf Howl-In per se in New Mexico, we did wake early and I...