AnnaColor : I Just Wanna Fly Away
Created For The November 04th - November 17th 2022 : AnnaColor Challenge

It seems I just can't stop creating pages for AnnaColor Challenges...Inspiration always finds me there...The color choice is amazing! as always!...These color choices certainly seem to fit my current mood & what I'm going through...Times have been rough the past many days & weeks...I have had many setbacks on my healing journey...But creating certainly does help me vent the frustrations du jour!...On tap today is my ongoing pain...I don't think I really need to get into the meaning of this layout...I've never been one to hide my feelings in my personal Art Journaling pages...Thank You! Anna & Adryane for hosting this challenge & lending a hand in the inspiration for this very personal art journaling page...& Rachel Jefferies & Vicki Robinson for their continued creative inspirations...xx Rhonda...

Photos Courtesy Of : Pixabay : Pexels [ Healing Bear Extracted By Me]
Lena Mytchyk : Unsplash [Sad Lady Reworked By Me]
Font : Brosia Regular
I am sorry that you are in so much pain Rhonda. Thinking about you and sending you gentle hugs.
Your page is outstanding. The emotional background image paired with the hope of the butterflies and the despair of the caged birds expresses so much. Also like that there is a bit of whimsy with the little bandaged bear.
Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge.
@Adryane Thank You! so much Adryane for your kind words of support & care..Your hugs are very much appreciated!!!...#kiss3...You basically described how I was feeling when I created this page...I like that you commented on & picked up on the "caged birds" aspect too...Pain that one can't control,can sometimes make you feel like a caged bird...But I am planning my escape...:)...hopefully sooner rather than later...#kiss...xx Rhonda...
This really is a wonderful page, agree with all of above; I admire you for being open! I was just thinking the other day, when people look at my journals, they will think I had a pretty happy life, which is true, but I am constantly struggling with pain. Maybe I need a page like yours - thanks for sharing!
@dwsewbiz Thank You! for your kind words...It's wonderful! that you are scrapping about your happy life!!!...It's sometimes very difficult to scrap & talk about the not so happy times...For me it's like a bit of a release...like getting those not so happy feelings out there...like a sort of healing & feeling free to hopefully move on from them...I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling with constant pain...No matter what kind of scrapping we do...I believe there is always connected feelings that help us feel better somehow...Take Care...Hope you feel better soon...#kiss...
@pachimac Hi Susie!...Hope you are well... :)...Thank You! for your lovely comment! & your ongoing support!!!...#kiss...
I am doing pretty good. A chest cold caught me, and I'm trying to lose weight while wanting to emotionally eat because I don't feel well. LOL .. #kiss
Your pages are always so expressive, Rhonda! I agree with Susie! I need to "study" it to see and feel everything! Hugs to you!

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