1. February Challenge #5

    February Challenge #5

    Template by Sandrine; patterned paper and elements by CK Fall All Over. Journaling reads: Ava, Braden and Alyssa, all dressed up for a school function. What a good-looking trio they were, and I had to get a picture of them all together. It was such a beautiful fall day, and the golden trees...
  2. Start Each Day

    Start Each Day

  3. Challenge #3 Template - Exploration.jpg

    Challenge #3 Template - Exploration.jpg

    Wonderful template, ladies! Backgrounds: top – BGS 01 in Darken mode over BGS 11, bottom – BGS 01 in Lighter Color mode over BGS 06. Paint 02 is used as a photo mask. Lower right the element was not recolored but selected portions are made into an overlay.
  4. Nature's Dance

    Nature's Dance

  5. Autumn Dreams

    Autumn Dreams

    Created for the November Challenge #1 – Big Photo. Autumn went by way too fast this year. It's cold now, and makes me dream of the past couple months with the gorgeous leaves, trees, colors, and mountain views. ♥
  6. AnnaColor : I Just Wanna Fly Away

    AnnaColor : I Just Wanna Fly Away

    Created For The November 04th - November 17th 2022 : AnnaColor Challenge It seems I just can't stop creating pages for AnnaColor Challenges...Inspiration always finds me there...The color choice is amazing! as always!...These color choices certainly seem to fit my current mood & what I'm going...
  7. Autumn Street

    Autumn Street

  8. Attitude of Gratitude Day 6 - Song

    Attitude of Gratitude Day 6 - Song

    Journaling reads: It has been warm the last couple of days, a definite sign of Indian Summer. It was supposed to rain yesterday. It never really showed up. Today we have had clouds and currently, as I look out my window, it is raining. Just a steady rain. I can hear it on the road as the cars...
  9. Attitude of Gratitude Day 5 - Season

    Attitude of Gratitude Day 5 - Season

    Done for the November Word Art Challenge #7 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/november-challenge-7-word-art.36503/#post-644773 Journaling reads: Today’s prompt is a season. My favorite season is Autumn! I am thankful for the colors the Lord paints across the landscape during...
  10. BE Peaceful Place - Simplette

    BE Peaceful Place - Simplette

  11. The Beauty of Fall

    The Beauty of Fall

    Created for the November Challenge #6 - Border
  12. Good Vibes Only

    Good Vibes Only

    Background papers were layered with reverse masking and then the brush transfers were layered over and under the masked photo.
  13. Blessed


    Done for the Connection Keeping Designer Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/22-11-practicing-gratitude-challenge-with-connection-keeping.36468/ Journaling reads: The sky was a beautiful backdrop for the yellow leaves as the sun shining on them made the leaves glow! How...
  14. BE Ordinary Life 2 by etd

    BE Ordinary Life 2 by etd

  15. Autumn Love

    Autumn Love

    Journaling reads: O suns and skies and flowers of June, Count all your boasts together, Love loveth best of all the year October's bright blue weather. –Helen Hunt Jackson, American poet (1830–85) The weather was beautiful during our visit with Michael and family. We went leaf peeping. Most of...
  16. Change is Beautiful - Anna Color

    Change is Beautiful - Anna Color

    Done for the Anna Color Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-10-21-2022-11-03-2022.36441/ Journaling reads: The leaves of the trees are beautiful this year! When the cabin is finished, this time next year will be wonderful! We will be able to enjoy the...
  17. This Is My Father's World

    This Is My Father's World

    Done for the Rachel Jefferies October 2022 Mixed Media Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-10-rachel-jefferies-october-mixed-media-challenge.36356/ Journaling reads: The title of this kit along with the theme of the challenge made me think of the title song. This Is...
  18. In the Leaves

    In the Leaves

    Journaling reads: As I walked through our woods today, among the pine needles and fallen leaves, I saw many young sprouts of trees beginning to grow. Even as young as they were, their leaves were changing with the rest of the trees in the woods. 10/29/2022 Job 14:7-9 (ESV) 7 “For there is hope...
  19. Autumn Blessings

    Autumn Blessings

    Journaling reads: My last walk through the woods was not nearly as colorful as it was today! The mix of colors is just beautiful! The variations of yellows, oranges and reds are amazing! Even the greens looked brighter today! 10/29/2022
  20. Happy Days

    Happy Days

    The background consists of three layers. The bottom layer is a blue solid. Is a brown artsy paper with a blend mode of Soft Light. The paper above that is a brown mixed media paper with a Darker Color blend mode.