I gave away a quilt recently, and decided to document it for the recipients with one of my scrap pages (saved as a PDF for sending). This was harder than expected to do - so many colors, needed to include a bit of documentation, plus I had to dig for the photos.

First step - find an ArtPlay Palette. I chose Jubilation for it's vibrant colors, plus it worked with the theme of welcoming a new baby. I used Jubilation Artsy Papers and Transfers for the background, a Jubilation FotoBlendz to blend the photo on the left.
On the right I went to an old favorite, FotoSquared Template Album (no longer available, but any square frames will do).
Next I did the writing.
The page was incomplete looking until I added clusters in a Visual Triangle.
Oh, that's gorgeous! What a talent you are (I know this firsthand LOL). You're right about the clusters--here, they're almost like anchors, steadying the journey through the colors. A difficult palette to work with! I find I use the clustering device a lot when I do spread work, too. The ripped paper and the blue fade from left to right also help to get our eyes moving left to right. Awesome, awesome, awesome!
Wow! Not surprised to read that you taught yourself to quilt then made other people's lives happy with your patterns. Beautiful work. The paper texture across the pages works really well.
Stunning! You clever, clever lady, and incredibly generous with your wonderful quilting, what a gift to receive!
A talented lady you are! Love your design and quilts. The texture and clusters pop.

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