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I'm hoping to say that I won't miss my old car (minivan). We are hoping to get a new vehicle if the supply issues settle down and there is a better selection of vehicles at better prices. Our car-dealer neighbor says it should be much better in Spring. I hope he's right!


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There are so many things I would like to say that I won't miss.... but sadly , this battle is far from over, and I am thinking it is going to continue for another year at least... I stay close to home... I am jarred constantly by the many changes that have occurred... The closed stores, and restaurants and empty shelves, etc... It upsets me to find everyone has their own view of what is safe and what they are going to do that is not safe, because they want to!!!!... I have to include myself in that... I am struggling... I could easily write what I would like to miss, but that is not the challenge. I did get a new car the end of May... So glad I did it at that time, since apparently prices on new cars have zoomed along with all the other price increases... So I am NOT missing the Corolla I drove for the past 3 years and smiling at the new Honda I drive now, and that will continue into the next year. I am also smiling at what they paid me for my trade in... Yes it is true... Crazy what they are paying for used cars...


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Well, I think 2021 was a pretty good year though I worked for 3 months with covid patients. I learned a lot. But the bad things that happened that I will not miss is worry about my mom when she calls and tell me that she fallen (she lives far away from me), and I have to call the ambulance for her. She's good now. And the other happening is when a good friend dies in a heart attack only 41 years old. I will not miss worrying and I wont miss grieving!


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In my prayers, I ask the Lord to use His righteous right hand to immediately and completely swipe the Covid-19 virus off the face of His creation. When His will is for this to happen - prayerfully by next year - I will not miss the restrictions, lonliness, seclusion, and of course, the pain of illness and death this virus has caused countless persons as it has spread across the earth.


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Indeed, this year (like 2020) was difficult, ambiguous. I always traveled a lot and always photographed a lot. Unfortunately, this year I never picked up a camera. She's dusting on the shelf in the closet. However, in 2021, after a long break, I returned to my passion for digital scrapbooking. What do I dream about in the new year? I want my daily life to have two (both) of my hobbies!


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I would like to say that I will not regret the masks and the hydroalcoholic gel. But I'm afraid we'll have to put up with them for another year.
My wish for 2022: that everyone gets vaccinated, that we no longer have to worry about catching the damn Covid, and that it disappears.


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Thanks everyone for playing along. The winners have been posted at the top of the thread.