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The WINNERS are...

1st winner is ... chai
2nd winner is ...easyeyes4you


Welcome to Day 8 of Oscrap's Twelve Days of December 2021 celebration! What an exciting event!

I have an interesting game for you to play, the KICK OUT game, and if you play along, you have a chance to win one of the two prize coupons, given out after the game is finished.

For many of us, 2021 was a year of frustration, restrictions, changes in lifestyle, some worked at home, some changed their job, etc. Here' s your chance to...

Post your answer here in this thread.

- Winner 1 - $10 to Vero - The French Touch
- Winner 2 - $5 to NLD Designs
*All prize coupons will be distributed after the games and challenges are closed at the end of the month.

- Tell me what you will not miss in 2022! Post your answer here in this thread.
- This game closes at PST 11.59 pm 15 December 2021

- Please note: Games closes earlier than the Challenges. In order to be eligible for one of the Grand Prizes you need to have participated in ALL of the games prior to them being closed.

- Create a post in the 12 DAYS TRACKING THREAD 2021 to keep track of your completed layouts games participation.
(We will select our Grand Prize winners from this thread, so create a post now and remember to keep updating it throughout the month!)

Hope you join me in playing this game and I look forward to reading your answers! If you have any questions about the game, please ask here in this thread or send me a private message.
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I'm going to be the odd one out. Where we live has been covid-free. Yes, our borders were mostly closed but except for 2 snap lockdowns we have not had to wear masks, etc. It's about to change early next year, and I suspect it could well be for the worse compared to what last year was... Time will tell, but I think I'll miss 2021 rather than the other way around...

So I'll take this in a totally different direction, I could do with losing a bit of weight, therefoie:
I am not going to miss 2 kgs.


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I won't miss this old laptop. My new laptop has just arrived. It's still at my daughter's house, where she is getting it all set up and ready to go. We're waiting for a 'docking station' because 'something about the USB ports' which I don't understand. Thankfully, my daughter and her hubby are both computer techs. They love what they do, and they are taking good care of my computer needs.


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What I won't miss in 2022 is having sick dogs (hopefully). First Remi was deathly sick when we first got her at the beginning of the year and then Taz was very sick this last week but hopefully is on the mend now. The expense and stress of this has been huge and I don't want to go thru this again in 2022. I want healthy dogs and don't want any big financial problems. Fingers crossed. I'm going to focus on the positive, we're going to start getting the house ready to sell and move into the next phase of our lives.


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I won't miss having my teenage daughter going to school online and living in her bedroom almost 24-hours. She also didn't like it. She loves interacting with people so it was hard on her to be stuck at home. She was also active and was on two swim teams, practicing once a week for the fall/spring one and five days a week for the summer one, and all that was canceled. Daughter started gaining weight (she's still very thin, just heavier than before) and it stressed her out because she knew it would impede her swim time once she got back into it. The sad thing was that COVID made some people too cautious (only friendly to those they knew well) and caused rifts with those they were not familiar with. I had to look for a new swim team for daughter and a lot of them were not looking for new swimmers to join. I may have had some serious anxiety attacks from that, that I think is controlled now.
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In general I think 2021 was better than 2020, especially now that hubby and I and most of our friends and all family are vaccinated and booster'd. I'd like to kick out Covid but I know that won't happen. So... I'll pick something a bit more trivial. I'll be glad of not having to renew my driver's license again next year. Florida has new licenses and I had to have an eye test and prove my I.D., citizenship and residency, etc. before getting it renewed. Whew! That's done for several more years.


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2020 to 2021 I lost my job. I do still miss the little kids as I worked in an elementary school. But I really enjoyed being home in 2021. What I would like to do without is these stupid masks when we go out in public and the shooting scares. 2 times this year we had to deal with shooting scares. This summer my kids were threatened with knives and guns while they worked at Six Flags. They did not work there long as it was too scary because security didn't help. So they quit and now are working close to home. But just this past week we had a school shooting threat. Wednesday it was written on the schools bathroom wall that a shooting would take place this friday. Thursday my kids went to school and my daughter called me hystically scared to pick her up. They found a student with a gun. Friday they had remote learning. Not sure what's going on this Monday. I'd much rather them be home on remote then deal with these crazy people. So I would like to do without the fear of not knowing what's going on. To to be safe to send your kids to school.