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  • Hi :) I am answering your questions out in the Forum about my husband working for Intel..I hope I'm doing it right and you are seeing my answers lololol
    I call it to your help(assistant) to post on the forum the realizations for challenges. Here is how I proceed:
    I click the icon mountain on yellow bottom and I address the image then I click the icon wraps and I stick the address of the page where is my image on the gallery on the gallery I click preview comment and my image appears, but then if we click above it does not open in the gallery.
    Beforehand thank you for giving me the solution
    red your comment in the tracking thread. You can make in normal or advanced reply mode. Write your text you want to be clickable, highlight it, than press the globe symbol with the paper clip (?). In the popout window paste the link, press OK and you are done! :)
    Hello, I tried your method for making my image in the gallery clickable and it didn't work. Once it removed my image entirely, another time it put the text of the URL in my message. Shouldn't we be able to click on the mountain button and paste the URL, then click on the link button and add the link at the same time? Do we need to be in the "go advanced" window? At least my image is showing up now, so that's good.
    Hi, I totally missed your message! If the lines are not dark enough I sometimes turn the layer into black and white and bump up the contrast. Or you can duplicate the layer.
    I also have very different results with this technique. I found out my Italy photos work best with it.
    Hugs, Irene
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