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  • Hi there
    I am new here. What is HAPS and where would I find it. Thanks for the spotlight.

    "Look for the this as the Gallery Spotlight in the next issue of the HAPS!"

    KarenW/ Kythe
    Hi Chris

    a little question ... when do I have to start the april multidesigner challenge .. I don't see the start for april 2015?

    Hi Chris - I saw you were online - have you heard anything about my blog tutorial I don't see it???
    Dear Fairywings
    Wanting to try the challenge but I do not understand what is meant by "updating the monthly tracking thread". Can you help me out??

    dear fairywings -- thanks for liking my 'winter bird'. my sister taught me a trick which is to clip your photo to one of the layers in an artsy kardz kit. I try to use a larger light one. No magic, but fun nevertheless. let me know what you think.
    Hey, just saw it is 4 days till your birthday?? Mine is 6 days after you :)
    Funny we are both cancers. Or not. Depends on what you think is funny I guess.

    What are you struggling with re Tamoxifen? I might have some suggestions :)

    J xx
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