AnnaLift Challenge 07.08.22-07.22.22


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Hello aArtists!

It’s time for another challenge from Anna Aspnes. The AnnaTeam selects a creative page or design concept from the Anna gallery as the ‘AnnaLift.’ Be inspired, create your own ‘AnnaLift,’ upload your page to the Anna gallery and include it here in this forum thread. Upload your page by Friday 07.22.22 by 8:00 pm EST with the title, ‘AnnaLift. ’ One lucky participant will be randomly selected to win a $5.00 GiftKard to Anna’s shop.

HOW IT WORKS: On Saturday the AnnaTeam posts a creative concept from the Anna gallery as the ‘AnnaLift.’ Check out the inspiration and decide what speaks to you. Is it the design, the color, the wordART, or maybe the photo? Then enjoy artfully playing—there is no right or wrong way to ArtPlay.

Choose ONE idea to lift or choose it ALL and lift it completely. Be inspired, create your ‘AnnaLift’ and then upload your page to the Anna gallery, plus include it here in this forum thread. It would be great if you could link back to your page in the gallery too!

Anna’s products mix well with so many kits/designers and Anna welcomes you to include these with your Anna Products on your AnnaLift page.

If you’ve never challenged yourself to an AnnaLift—just do it!

If you’ve never posted or shared your AnnaLift—just do it!

If you have time to leave some love for someone in the gallery—do it too!
(Your kind words may inspire and encourage someone!)

Please post your art in this thread and link to the Anna Aspnes gallery to win the $5 giftcard.

Deauville: a place to be by Dady

In Deauville: the place to be, Dady creates an artistic travel design. The design is dominated by an artsy image that depicts young men splashing in the waves. A large “D” accents and frames the image. A visual texture of vertical stripes soften the blending in the sand and sky. A boardwalk creates an overlay texture. Dimensional elements continue the beach theme. Vintage blues, creme, and grey create a cool mood that is reminiscent of a special day at the beach. Title, text, and a little word strip offer story elements. Dady has created a gorgeous image to inspire our artistry.

Thank you, Dady, for sharing your expressive and inspirational artistry.

IDEAS TO INSPIRE: Use ONE or MORE of the following in your AnnaLift layout.

• Capture your memories of a special scene . .
• Use colors to set the mood and express your ideas . . .
• Blend papers and paint textures . . .
• Uses artsy brushes to add lines and splatters. . .
• Add a dimensional title and journaling. . .
• Add Multimedia Elements for dimension. . .


ArtPlay Palette Ambages
ArtPlay Palette Coastline
Travel Template Album No. 6
Notebook AlphaSet No. 3
Travel Bundle No. 1
Multimedia Stars No. 1

Upload your page by Friday at 8:00 pm (EST) with the title, ‘AnnaLift ’ and one page will be randomly selected to win a $5 GiftKard to Anna's store. The winner will be posted here on SATURDAY.

Hint: Multiple entries are welcome! Use a separate post - number for each!

We hope our AnnaLift inspires your creativity. You know we always LOVE to see how you ArtPlay.

Thanks for ArtPLAY-ing with us!
Anna and the aA Team
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I tried to bring together several photos to tell about the place, and spread the photo wide across the pages as in Dady's page.
Gorgeous photo of the empty house - very haunting! I love the title and the framed cluster group!


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such a gorgeous page to lift! Thank you so much♥
I love the idea of the letter, also the big photo and how the edges blend into the background paper.
I chose a day on the water in Berlin....
I was fascinated by the big letter, too! I love your blending and the ship photo!


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Thank you for so many beautiful designs!

The winner of the giftkard drawing is marijke, number 14!

Congratulations, marijke!