anna aspnes lift challenge

  1. AnnaLift - Big Wide World

    AnnaLift - Big Wide World

    Started by placing a plain paper on my work space. Them I placed my photo and selected two different transfers that work well with my photo. Finally I add the word art and tried to keep it simple. Thanks for looking!!
  2. Siblings


    My inspiration from the lift of Myla's example page was the picture of siblings. Journaling reads: Kim, Raymond (a friend), me and Joey in 1963 in California. I used different layers from the psd copies of some of the artsyKardz in the background. Added color to some of the brushes and word...
  3. Anna Lift - APP Siblings

    Anna Lift - APP Siblings

    Easter Sunday, me and my brothers, late '60's, but definitely before 1969, when our youngest brother Stacy was born. Clockwise from top left: me (Susie), Steve, Stuart and Scott. It's hard to see, but I even have my 'Sunday best' little white gloves on. Place Siblings Artsy Paper 6 on new...
  4. 22-08_AnnaLIFT2


    AnnaLift Challenge 08.05.22-08.19.22 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annalift-challenge-08-05-22-08-19-22.36065/
  5. You can plant a dream . . .

    You can plant a dream . . .

    Created for the AnnaLift Challenge 08.05.22-08.19.22
  6. AnnaLift - Coming Soon

    AnnaLift - Coming Soon

    My sating point was my image like I always do when archive a clean look., the image must pop The color palette was going to be on green/white to match the image do I selected my APP. I tried to keep it the most simple as possible, tree frames from the collection to blend my image and another...
  7. yes


    ANNALIFT CHALLENGE 08.05.22-08.19.22
  8. 22-08_AnnaLift Challenge 07.22.22-08.05.22

    22-08_AnnaLift Challenge 07.22.22-08.05.22

    AnnaLift Challenge 07.22.22-08.05.22 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annalift-challenge-07-22-22-08-05-22.35954/#post-634070
  9. AnnaLift - Stories

    AnnaLift - Stories

    I started my layout with two of the artsy transfers, disable some layers and turned everything into a single artsy transfer. I picked a fotoblenz to clip my photo but didn´t used the frame. To embellish my layout I used one multimedia flower and add one word art. I used a photo from Michelle...
  10. Anna Lift - A Little Stroll...to the Shade - APP Lush

    Anna Lift - A Little Stroll...to the Shade - APP Lush

    This family of raccoons strolled through the yard, most likely looking for shade or water or both. I know everybody is suffering, and in Oklahoma we know what to expect, but this summer has been brutal, and we still have AUGUST yet! And September can be hot too! UGH!
  11. White Horse Tavern

    White Horse Tavern

  12. 22-07_AnnaLIFT


    AnnaLift Challenge 07.08.22-07.22.22 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annalift-challenge-07-08-22-07-22-22.35902/
  13. AnnaLift Challenge 07.08.22-07.22.22

    AnnaLift Challenge 07.08.22-07.22.22

  14. AnnaLift Challenge07.22.22.jpg

    AnnaLift Challenge07.22.22.jpg

    CREDITS: Background, brushes, Magic Sprinklez - Anna Aspnes Ocean Image - courtesy of Pixabay with added effects by me
  15. cortijo del fraile

    cortijo del fraile

    ANNALIFT CHALLENGE 07.08.22-07.22.22 The Cortijo del Fraile is a construction of the century XVIII. carried out by the friars of the Convent of Santo Domingo of Almeria. In the nineteenth century he left to belong to the clergy. This construction was the scene in 1928 of the famous crime of...
  16. Anna Lift--Cheetah

    Anna Lift--Cheetah

    I love the big cats and whenever I can get a picture of them, I'm happy! Use the neutral colors and the accent of green
  17. AnnaLift - Father

    AnnaLift - Father

  18. AnnaLift Challenge - Brothers.jpg

    AnnaLift Challenge - Brothers.jpg

    Kit Used: ArtPlay Ukiyo by Anna Aspnes Designs Image: my stock Word Strips by me using Lucida Sans Unicode font.
  19. AnnaLift : Art My Way

    AnnaLift : Art My Way

    Created For The "AnnaLift" Challenge : 06/10/22 - 06/24/2022 : Layout To Lift : Yellow By Sylvia : Link : Yellow by Sylvia Great! layout Inspiration!!!...I am always a fan of Bold! color!!!...Perfect opportunity To take advantage of this idea/theme...I wanted to do something art graphic-y...or...
  20. 22-06_AnnaLIFT


    AnnaLift Challenge 05.27.22 - 06.10.22 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annalift-challenge-05-27-22-06-10-22.35664/