Vicki Robinson’s 4th Anniversary + a Gift!

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Creativity is a fickle thing; it comes and goes. You can yearn for it, but you can’t force it. You can cry because you don’t have it and you can beg for it. No amount of wishful thinking will make creativity appear. If you’re a creative (of any sort) you know exactly what I mean. Creativity strikes on its own schedule and it doesn’t care if you have a deadline to meet.

Through much of 2016, I struggled with making art – more specifically, digital products. Inspiration just wouldn’t come and the harder I tried, the more frustrated I became. At the beginning of this year, I closed my digi shop because I had to face the fact that my artistic mojo was completely zapped. My digi career was over, right along with my mojo. Gone with the wind. Nowhere to be found. In January 2017, I managed to choose a “word” for the year – “renew” – in hopes that would spark something. Nada. Zippo. Can you relate?

And then …

What I DID do, though, was take classes. Lots and LOTs of art classes. I spent hours marveling at the creativity of people on Pinterest, I spent more hours reading blogs of creatives. I got out my paints and stencils and gesso and made a mess. Drips everywhere and newly (permanently) stained clothing.

Sometimes I painted what the instructor did. Sometimes I just painted marks. I tried hand lettering (not for me); I painted color wheels; I tried gauche — boy that will take some learning! I doodled and I drew faces. I just DID it. Sometimes I just shook my head in disgust. Other times I allowed myself to be pleased.

Guess what I found? I found that that creativity begets creativity! Who knew?

Time to Renew

By the Spring of 2017, my mojo had returned and I truly felt “renewed”. I re-joined Oscraps with a collection that was inspired by — and based on — one of my abstract watercolor flowers paintings. I turned a scanned copy of the painting into a digital pattern, which you can see in some of the elements and backgrounds. Time to Renew is a digital scrapbook collection created to help you celebrate the renewal of your spirit.

My Anniversary Gifts to You

To celebrate my four year anniversary at Oscraps and the return of my artistic mojo, I’ve got a couple of special things for you!

The full Time to Renew Collection is 60% off through April 11th and the individual packs are 30% off

You can find this beautiful cluster gift, by Cheery-O Kythe, in my shop. I hope you like it!

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