May I join the party?


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I love parties, so I just had to join you!

I live in Colorado with my husband, a teen-age daughter, three cats and a Yorkie who thinks that he is a cat.

I am a digital scrapbook addict--I have more kits than I could use in a lifetime and I still buy more! I just upgraded my EHD because I don't want to miss out on any goodies. I found this store through Charlize; I have a bunch of her stuff. I've already made a few purchases in the store too! :laugh:

I look forward to seeing you around the forum and gallery!


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Hi and welcome to Oscraps and the party!! I have 3 cats and a dog too- but the dog thinks she is a cat LOL


lOve the O!
:welcome: to the party, and hopefully beyond!! Looking forward to getting to know you better here in the forums and in the gallery!


back hOme and loving it
Welcome Chai ! I only have two cats and no dog so I wouldn't know if my dog would think (s)he is a cat LOL
such a great time to join with the party starting :)


Welcome to the party Chai. If you are a digiscrapbook addict, you are here just at the right time!!!


Welcome to the party - and OScraps.

Check out the challenges - one each day - super prizes - if you need extra products the freebies section have goodies.

No cats but one mini dachshund who thinks he's a big boy! :)

will be looking for you in the gallery.


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You picked the perfect time to join us here at the "O"!! Have lots of fun at the party!!


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Yes, what a great time to join! Thank you all for the warm welcome.

I love challenges and I've already done my first here.

I think I need to have a pet photos page in my future...


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Welcome Chai, saw your first layout in the gallery! So glad to have you here joining us for our birthday celebration!


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WOOT! Welcome to Oscraps Chai! You will like it here!!
The Ladies are FABULOUS and so very SWEET!
I am so glad that you like my goodies and so happy that you decide to JOIN the party!
Enjoy your stay!!

Oh and I love your first layout here! It's sooo classic!


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welcome to Oscraps.. it's so sweet that you come here via Charlize.. her designs are so cute!! Hope you will having so much fun here!!


Welcome! We're also in CO and have a schichon who thinks he's an Australian Shepherd. Where in Colorado are you?