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  • Hi Clara
    could you add me to Facebook page so I can post the tutorials there as well?
    thanks !
    Hi Clara... Just wondering if you are going to send out the coupon codes from yesterday's chat before the sale prices end? Which is sometime tonight I think...
    Hi Clara,
    I check and see that my download kit for th Big Top Circus kit is expired.
    Can you help please.
    hugs for you
    All the links for the scavenger hunt are gone.......I thought I had til Monday...........I was wrong. Jane
    Yes, nor problem just wondering....

    Love them both and don"t want to loose them

    Couple of more ideas/suggestions
    1. That a brief help manual be written for new ct's . Not knowing what the Osraps surprise a small thing but we do not call it gSO

    2. But I do think a re-read of the GG is essential. So they thoroughly understand them... Ok?

    What-can we do to help? Seriously after spending hours reading other site forums
    1. No one seems to think posting there (i.e. dST ) of any promo value.
    2. Newsletters., Facebook with CT layouts good.
    I'm an (sorta) innocent bystander BUT may I begin posting new collab kits layouts etc on FB? If we're promoting a specific designer is that a gray area

    Apparently customers want to see kit with layouts (survey done)
    Happy Christmas!!!
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