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  • Anna,

    Special Request - I am working on Baseball Layouts and my book for this year - I would love to have 2014 "Year" as you did or similar to the 2013 wordart - or any new sports wordart _ I would love. I know you are so busy ~ If you have any time to create.. I love your touches and would prefer to use your work. Thanks for all you do to keep us going here at the "O"!! you are my favorite designer!!! Rachael Powell ~ MyssP
    Anna, is there any chance you'd consider doing your templates in an 8.5 x 11 version of the 12 x 12s? That is what I use almost exclusively. I can make your 12 x 12s fit on my page if I work at it, but almost always, the proportions are off one way or another. I know. You must be sighing...MORE WORK! And for a small minority of people. I totally get it if it's out of the question, but wanted to express the desire of my heart.

    Sharron Lamb
    Hi Anna. You are one of the finest designers. I admire your Art. I like very much to work with your sets. Your work touches the soul. You are my idol)))
    Anna, Check the shoppe - Thanksgiving Templates are showing in all Artplay Palette places!
    Wishing you all the best Anna... You obviously have a huge following here and that makes me smile. Good also seeing so many DD names here too... The support of you and your art... and all you do is a pleasure to be a part of. You are loved by many.
    Blessings to you... Carol (cstaff)
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