As if I needed another project ..... ArtjournalingZ


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Well, I do have about 2 million other projects going - but, why not start another??? Had this idea, and I have to try. No pressure, I won't hurry, I will just let it happen when it happens - but ---- the idea is to create an album of art journal layouts in alphabetical order: A to Z. Words that I find somehow describes the world right now.

Started with the letter M:

This is true all over, I think. Social media, politicians, media personalities. We're living in a world where EVERYONE must say whatever they want. Or showing their new clothes, house, car, whatever .... but does anyone really receive it? We're all busy showing our own world. Like me with this layout .....


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I'll try to join in as soon as the birthday party is officially over and I get my July 1st AJ post up, Eva. It IS a fun idea. (Or is some inspiration hits me before then.) :floorlaugh:


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Such a cute idea and my goodness, that LO is adorable.

PS: this will be no surprise to you but I started something similar a while ago. I wanted to scrap the Major Arcana of a Tarot deck and got maybe a third of the way through before I gave up. Good thoughts to you that you get farther than I did!


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Well, if anyone wants to join in on the fun: it could be A to Z in any theme. Or maybe just words that sounds beautiful? Or any word that pops into your head. I think my next word will be Bubbles ... but we'll see where inspiration & fantasy take me.


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Love your idea - creative scrapping is fun! I also love your page, Eva - it's simple but with a powerful message. I agree - there are so many voices around us but nobody seems to be listening.