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  1. Rain


  2. winter of enchantment

    winter of enchantment

    Winter Of Enchantment by MagicalReality Designs picture by me thanks for looking
  3. DashingThrough The Snow

    DashingThrough The Snow

    Dashing Through The Snow by =AZX_KTHVCMATPpdOfoUPi13rQOEDjtz9jKH32PPwpgU3FhXqmG02tkLlmRRX-rDQ3MFHVWzfKpYVTJodPT2tVe5epuL-ujJovZseUs_jBW49QI6sJMI5wdIfwGvHvYpumsZolkPpzbr8gDWeNboCmdVTJFHljNOVcSeJhiml0CqU-w&__tn__=-]K-R']MagicalReality Designs available @ http://bit.ly/3tTMUfM
  4. Snow Much Love

    Snow Much Love

    Winter Of Enchantment by MagicalReality Designs
  5. Timeless Beauty

    Timeless Beauty

    Created using: Timeless Beauty by MagicalReality Designs
  6. Timeless-Beauty BE

    Timeless-Beauty BE

    October Challenge #5 - Poems and Lyrics https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-5-poems-lyrics.38298/ Que sera, sera Writer(s): Ray Evans & Jay Livingston Extracted Pixabay Photo
  7. Life Is Magic

    Life Is Magic

    ArtPlay Amidst Collection (on sale until Wednesday, October 2, 2023) ArtPlay Palette Amidst (artsy paper 4, charm, flower) Artsy Transfers Amidst (transfer 5) Multimedia Accordian No 1 (element 3) Painted Leaves No 3 (leaf 4) Splatters No 16 (spatter 13) (on sale as part of the Brushset Bundle...
  8. I See You

    I See You

    ArtPlay Summer’s End Collection (on sale as a collection for a limited time) ArtPlay Palette Summer’s End (solid papers 2, 3 & 4, brushes 12, 13, 14, 15, button cream, button green, key, transfers 1, 5 & 8, dried grass) ArtPlay Palette Sayonara (heart paper painted pink, bird pink) Artist Edge...
  9. Life Breaking Apart

    Life Breaking Apart

    September Challenge #5 - Quote It Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-challenge-5-quote-it-challenge.38268/ Quote written by me
  10. ArtjournalingZ Bubble

    ArtjournalingZ Bubble

  11. Wander---Big-Photo Challenge

    Wander---Big-Photo Challenge

    Process: I selected a textured paper and used a gradient layer to blend the lower edge of my photo into the paper. I used a couple of overlays on top of the photo to add some interest along the edges. I created my cluster in the lower left corner and created my word art in the lower right using...
  12. Hello Winter

    Hello Winter

    Made for the July Art Journaling Challenge #1 "Winter".
  13. Art journaling Week 3

    Art journaling Week 3

    The wolf is my Spirit Animal, so I had to use that as my animal. Background paper: Magical Reality One Way City; AASPN Watercolor Feathers; CBD My Own Soulmate: figure, feathers, Viva Artistry Gesso Background 52 Inspirations; Vicki Stegall 52 Inspirations Strength Word Art; Wolf images...
  14. Storybook Fantasy Challenge

    Storybook Fantasy Challenge

    Created for the January Storybook/Fantasy Challenge. I used Magical Reality Designs One Way City.
  15. Christmas Ball 2004

    Christmas Ball 2004

    One of the things I LOVE doing is playing with shadows - couple of blurred ovals placed under a rectangle can work miracles! Add on top another rectangle with linear transpacency applied - and you got yourself a neat custom-made notebook. Thank you for looking.
  16. Tales Of Winter

    Tales Of Winter

    Tales Of Winter by MagicalReality Designs
  17. The Mists of Nostalgia 2

    The Mists of Nostalgia 2

    And the left-hand-side to my double pager documenting December 2008. I am not sure if MagicalReality Designs' products were meant to be used this way, but there were sure fun to work with. Thank you for looking.
  18. The Mists of Nostalgia

    The Mists of Nostalgia

    Somehow I thought if I got a dramatically different kit my page would turn out similarly different... but I guess we just can't escape who we are... Ha ha.... So, I'll keep trying, but in the meantime this artsy layout is one more page for the 2008 album I'm hoping to complete one day. I had a...
  19. challenge5


    For the Storybook/Fantasy challenge Fairies Of The Flower Field Modified by MagicalReality Designs Thanks for looking !
  20. Lost


    Loving The City of Many Visions 2 by Magical Reality Combined a png of one of my in-game avatars with elements from the kit then used some watercolor brushes etc to pull it together I meant to add a rainbow and forgot...