challenge #5

  1. Challenge 5 Mixed Media

    Challenge 5 Mixed Media

    Made for the Mixed media challenge. I played with Rachels stuff and applied blend modi it
  2. mid media.jpg

    mid media.jpg

    for the mixed media challenge, absolutely not my think, blending and mixing so much... but wanted to give it a try^^
  3. Always


    For Challenge #5: Artsy/Mixed Media Created using: Just Keep Going {Collection} by Sweet Doll
  4. Que Sera Sera Challenge 5

    Que Sera Sera Challenge 5

    Journaling: I have heard this song for most of my life. The funny thing is that it has changed as I grow in experience and in age. When I was young, it was just an old person song from an old timey movie I had no interest in. As I grew and finally watched the movie, it made a little more sense...
  5. que sera sera

    que sera sera

    October Challenge #5 - Poems & Lyrics
  6. October Challenge #5 - Poems & Lyrics

    October Challenge #5 - Poems & Lyrics

    Sometimes there are those moments when I wonder what the future holds for me. The future is like an unwritten page, a blank canvas on which the brushstrokes of destiny will appear. "Que sera, sera." This simple phrase, cloaked in the softness of Spanish, carries a profound message. It reminds...
  7. September Challenge #5 - Quote it Challenge

    September Challenge #5 - Quote it Challenge

  8. Forever with me

    Forever with me

    I always have such a hard time saying goodbye to my grandkids when they come to visit. It is the one thing that really challenges me, but I know that they are happy and healthy! So that gives me hope that we will be together again soon! Quote found on the internet I used Rachel Jeffries...
  9. waiting


    August Challenge #5 - Sketch
  10. Today


    For August Challenge #5 - Sketch Created using: An Altered Portrait by Maya de Groot Altered CutOuts Alpha by Maya de Groot Artsy Fartsy by Maya De Groot Flower Frenzy by Maya de Groot Fresh is ... elements by Maya De Groot Fresh is ... papers by Maya De Groot The Writer by Maya de Groot
  11. Artist Inspiration  Challenge

    Artist Inspiration Challenge

    Join Cindy and discovery the amazing Artist Iris Scot! I wanted explore the Art History Brush. I found a "Photoshop Magazine" with a explanation of it. So I turned a couple of photos into artwork and used Karen Schulz "I love my dog"
  12. Making Fire

    Making Fire

    Iused the beautiful Happy Grunge (bundle) by Joyful Heart Designs Photo is mine
  13. Meadow!


    For challenge #5 artist inspiration I used the artsy Marguerite 1 Kit hand drawn by Christine Art
  14. one day in summer

    one day in summer

    July Challenge #5 - Artist Inspiration
  15. ch#5 Artist Inspirations .jpg

    ch#5 Artist Inspirations .jpg

    A great challenge to play with filters and see what pops out.
  16. Me and Mine

    Me and Mine

    Used the template from Ona in June 2023 Monthly Challenge.
  17. Circus - a Way of Life

    Circus - a Way of Life

    For the creative photo editing challenge #5 I used the fantastic Circus Circus Clowning Collage Elements for Digital Scrapbooking by Lynn Grieveson and Circus Circus Mixed Media by Lynn Grieveson Photo comes from Unsplash
  18. stay calm and breathe

    stay calm and breathe

    May Challenge #5 - Creative Photo Editing
  19. Brave-Strong-Smart


    For the Quote It Challenge #5 I used the stunning Fantastical Steampunk Renewed by itKuPiLLi imagenarium
  20. Chill Out

    Chill Out

    Chill Kit by Wendy Page Designs Photo from Unsplash Fonts: Samantha Sosial Justice Springtime Flowers