AnnaLift_Old Man
My old man’s portrait taken in 2019. The text reads: “Live for the moments” “Old men's eyes are like old men's memories; they are strongest for things a long way off.” ~ George Eliot.

Construction: I started with the FotoInspired Template Pack 2Y #1, deleting the frames and shrinking the masks. I then added a frame from FotoInspired Template Pack 2Y #7 and clipped my photo to the frame’s mask. I changed the color of the frame mask to white, clipped ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Artsy Paper #3 with blend mode Linear Burn and another mask from FotoInspired Template Pack 2Y #3 with blend mode Darker Color and opacity 65%, under the photo. I duplicated the photo with blend mode Multiply, masking out areas I didn’t want darker. I clipped the same artsy paper to the frame layer and the two tab layers.
I used ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Artsy Paper #2 for the background. I didn’t use the template’s fotomask layers but added transfers above the layers, ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Transfer #5 in a couple of places and Transfer #2, which I rotated vertically. I recolored the fotomask #4 and revised the text box with font American Typewriter Condensed Bold. I added a gray stroke ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Brush #3 under the text.
I duplicated the white stitched frame from FotoInspired Template Pack 2Y #1 and placed in the lower left.
I placed the ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Cornflower on the left lower corner of the frame. I duplicated it and placed under the ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Transfer #2 to give it a painted look.
I added the ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Foliage with the Lavender Petals to complete the cluster (threads and staples are from the FotoInspired Template Pack 2Y)
I added the title Ephemeral WordART Mix No. 1 WSMomentsWords and more ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Lavender Petals.
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Supplies used in this layout:
FotoInspired Template Pack 2Y
ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral
Ephemeral WordART Mix No. 1
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
Wonderful use of the template. The photograph is fabulous and your treatment of it makes it really pop!!
I love that photo, and the subtle colors around really make it shine.

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