Travel Book 2022 pages 16 & 17
This is my 16 & 17 pages to my Travel Project 2022 Album. I re-used the modified template I did on pages 2 & 3 of the album.

Text Reads: “All good things must come to an end. We wrapped up our week-long vacation with a blow-it-out-of-the-park sunset in Sunnyside, WA. May 19, 2022.
We were staying in a Best Western overnight before heading home, but it had a view of the vineyard that we were not expecting because of its location next to the I-84 freeway. We enjoyed our time and the custom omelets for breakfast.
We were not home long before we were ready for our next adventure.“

Construction: I combined the Scenic Template Album No. 6 #6 & #7 with some of the Travel Template Album No. 6 #2 frames.
ArtPlay Palette Embers Solid Paper #2 was used for the background. I duplicated the paper and set the blend mode to Linear Burn.
I merged the two page fotoblendz of the Scenic Template and customized it with brushes.
I then clipped my sunset photo to the right part of the fotoblendz and then duplicated it with blend mode Color Burn. ArtPlay Palette Embers Artsy Paper #1 was placed under the photo. I overlaid ArtPlay Palette Embers Artsy Paper #3 with blend mode Linear Burn and 62% opacity.
I clipped the self-portrait photo to the left side of the fotoblendz. ArtPlay Palette Embers Artsy Paper #3 was placed under the photo. ArtPlay Palette Embers Artsy Paper #1 was placed under the photo with blend mode Lighten and 67% opacity. I changed the photo’s blend mode to Color Burn and added ArtPlay Palette Embers Copper Paint #1 at the top of the fotoblendz.
I clipped my other photos to some of the frames of Travel Template Album No. 6 #2, moving positions. I added UrbanThreadz No. 21 #10 to the 3 frames on the right.
I used other transfers & textures from the Scenic Template, various transfers from Embers palette & Embers Artsy Transfers, and the Paper Textures No. 13 #7 to fill in the layout.
For the Title cluster: I added ArtPlay Palette Lost’s String, Embers WordART Mix No. 1 word art “See the Light” (divided to avoid the page’s center) and Wood Word ” see”, to which I added various effects to give it a reddish brown color and a raised edge.
The text is Baskerville Old Face.
Credits list
The Embers Collection, AnnaRelease 28 August 2020, will be On Sale, starting July 27th through August 10th at 9am EDT
AnnaRelease 28 August 2020

Supplies used in this layout:
ArtPlay Palette Embers
Artsy Transfers Embers
Embers WordART Mix No. 1
Travel Template Album No. 6
Scenic Layered Template Album No. 6
UrbanThreadz No. 21
ArtPlay Palette Lost
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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Reactions: lacy and cyanne22
Fantastic pictures !
I also have to make an album of a holiday soon, and you inspire me with your design
Love this finale! Great photo treatment of the self-portrait, and what a treat to get a sunset near the freeway ;-) Also love the flow of the paper textures
Such a fabulous job! I missed your first pages, but will go back and check them out.
My favorite so far! Love the big blended photo of you on the left and the silhouettes on the right.

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