for the May Art Journaling Challenge. My mom was the glue - the stitches that held our family together. It wasn't until she was gone that I realized it.
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Crafty Button Designs | Rachel Jefferies The Struggle is Real: Self Esteem collab
Crafty Button Designs | Old Soul
Crafty Button Designs | Rise Up
Crafty Button Designs | Darkest before the Dawn

Rachel Jefferies | Right Now
Rachel Jefferies | This is Me
Rachel Jefferies | Trust in This
Rachel Jefferies | All in my Head
Rachel Jefferies | Give Yourself Permission
Rachel Jefferies | We Are Shifting
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  1. Crafty Button Designs
  2. Rachel Jefferies
This is so deep and beautiful, Susie. I can feel your pain still coming through. Family relationships can really be difficult, to say the least. This same thing happened when my parents passed away. The family kind of fell apart. :hug1:
It takes a lot of strength to create something so personal and share it with others, and your art has the power to connect with people on a deep level. Your willingness to be vulnerable and express yourself through your art is not only brave but also inspiring.

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