challenge #6

  1. April Challenge 6

    April Challenge 6

    I planted a bunch of mini pepper seeds that didn’t come up so I put the rest of my seeds in paper towel layers and sprayed it with water and put it in plastic bag. I put the bag along with my seedstarter pods into the oven with the light on. That keeps the temperature an even 80ish degrees. I...
  2. Piggy Back Ride

    Piggy Back Ride

    Last year was probably the last year DH could carry both of them around, they are growing so fast.
  3. Boo


    For Challenge #6: Big Photo Challenge Halloween Quilling - Digital Scrapbooking Collection by NLD Designs
  4. Let things go

    Let things go

    Everything here is from Guest Designer Mixed Media by Erin and her fabulous collection for the September Color Play - Equinox Faded Forest, Elements, Mixed Media Bits.
  5. favorite season

    favorite season

    October Challenge #6 - Color Play
  6. October challenge Color play

    October challenge Color play

    I used 3 kits from October'22 Color play for this challenge. I blended together a paper from each kit to create my own background.
  7. fall


    September 2023 Challenge #6 - One Word
  8. Fall into Autumn

    Fall into Autumn

    for the September Challenge #6 Photo by Pixabay
  9. 52 Inspirations Challenge.jpg

    52 Inspirations Challenge.jpg

  10. Une demoiselle sur une balançoire

    Une demoiselle sur une balançoire

    Created with : "TAC Phlox kit" by Rachel Jefferies and : "Over the Edge 1" by Foxeysquirrel Picture Pixabay - Challenge "Big Photo" July.
  11. 23-07_O_July-challenge-#-6---big-photo


    July challenge # 6 - big photo https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-6-big-photo.37913/#post-669507
  12. 23-06_O_June-Challenge-#6---Recipe


    June Challenge #6 - Recipe https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-6-recipe.37696/
  13. Recipe Challenge#6.jpg

    Recipe Challenge#6.jpg

    Lots of fun in the recipe challenge
  14. Wide-Open-Spaces


    Kit: Ready to Explore by Karen Schulz Word Strips Stash Builders Neutral by Vicki Stegall Paint: Chicography Sampler by Viva Artistry
  15. 23-05_O_May-Challenge-#6---White-Space


    May Challenge #6 - White Space / Clean https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-challenge-6-white-space-clean.37519/
  16. Stitches


    for the May Art Journaling Challenge. My mom was the glue - the stitches that held our family together. It wasn't until she was gone that I realized it.
  17. Challenge# 6 White Space.jpg

    Challenge# 6 White Space.jpg

  18. my star

    my star

    May Challenge #6 - White Space / Clean
  19. Challenge #6 - quote it

    Challenge #6 - quote it

    My time is limited, I realize that more and more as I get older. It is so easy to get stuck in the life that others have laid out for us, to live the way others expect of us. But I know now that this is not the way to spend my time. I want to live my own life, follow my own path and pursue my...
  20. Gnarly Tree

    Gnarly Tree

    April Challenge #6 Quote It (used: “Storms make trees take deeper roots - Dolly Parton”)