challenge #6

  1. March Challenge #6 - Copycat

    March Challenge #6 - Copycat

    March Challenge #6 - Copycat here I scraplift this page by mcurtt
  2. So delicate

    So delicate

    chall#6_CopyCat-MCURTT's gallery. Realized with Emeto and Rachel Jefferies Emeto : "Captured Beauty" - Rachel Jefferies : many parts of her kits Picture Pixabay
  3. Travel


    I made this for March Challenge 6- Copy Cat. Just You and The World Full Collection by Mediterranka
  4. finding balance

    finding balance

    March Challenge #6 - Copycat
  5. Days-Like-These


    For Challenge 6, I lifted this amazing layout by Marilyn.
  6. March copycat challenge #6

    March copycat challenge #6

    For the March Copycat at Oscraps, you are welcome to play along here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-challenge-6-copycat.37266/ This is my version of the lifted page by @mcurtt https://oscraps.com/community/media/stay-close.360896/full I stayed pretty close to the original page...
  7. Challenge 6 - february

    Challenge 6 - february

    Late winter/early spring is that magical time of year when nature wakes up from hibernation. After months of cold and baldness, the first signs of life are starting to show, and it is precisely this transitional phase that makes this period so special and beautiful. Now when you go into nature...
  8. Vermont


    Lucky for our Son and family that Vermont actually got some decent snow on their recent trip there for a sking holiday. I used the beautiful collection from Palvinka Designs - Frosty Friends
  9. 23-01_O_Challenge#-6-Jan-2023-Seasonal


    January Challenge #6 – Seasonal https://oscraps.com/community/threads/january-challenge-6-seasonal.36812/
  10. Seasonal Challenge #6.jpg

    Seasonal Challenge #6.jpg

    A fun challenge so create a scene for my season- winter.
  11. Day 6 - Christmas Song

    Day 6 - Christmas Song

    Hearing this song on the radio still marks the beginning of Christmas. You love it or you hate it ! All I want for christmas is you :)
  12. Happy Today

    Happy Today

  13. smiles optional

    smiles optional

    November Challenge #6 - Border
  14. the moment

    the moment

  15. November Challenge #6 - Border

    November Challenge #6 - Border

    Here is my layout for November Challenge #6 - Border I am a terribly bad sleeper, and last night was one of "those" night with barely 3 hours of sleep mixing up all my plans for today, since I'm now extremely tired. The journaling is a list of insomnia symptoms.
  16. My Love

    My Love

    For the border challenge #6 I used the beautiful Melancolie Mini Kit by MLDesign Photo is mine
  17. November Challenge #6 Border.jpg

    November Challenge #6 Border.jpg

    Great challenge!
  18. 2022-10-20-Myla-Walk-Fall.jpg


    The journey by Vicky Robinson 52 Inspirations 2022 No 22 Crushing it digiscrap minikit by Lynn Grieveson 52 Inspirations 2022 No 15 Iconic Date Bits by Vicki Stegall font: A big deal regular
  19. 22-10_O_October-Challenge-#6---One-Word


    October Challenge #6 - One Word https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-6-one-word.36263/
  20. Challenge #6 One Word.jpg

    Challenge #6 One Word.jpg